Saturday, November 27, 2021

Thanksgiving Week 2021: November 21-26

This year we made a decision to split up for Thanksgiving. Ally had a whole week off so she and I flew to Columbus Ohio to visit my side of the family and Becky and Cloey took the train to Pennsylvania to visit Becky’s parents. B&C drove home with Beth on Saturday the 27th.

Sunday morning goodbye to Cloey.

Selfie at the airport.

When she was little we used to laugh because Ally would fall asleep right when we landed on an airplane but now as a teenager she sleeps through most of the flight.

We stopped for Krispy Kreme donuts on the way to Katy’s house. It was Ally’s first taste of one! It was a little sweet for her.

With Amelia (almost 8), Adelaide (6) and Piper.

We watched Home Alone 2.

Monday we went to see my dad, it was our first time seeing him in 2 years. I brought him a photo book I made for his 80th birthday; 80 Years of Memories.

Ally with Grandpa Frank.

Later that day Katy and Ally were showing off their ballet skills.

Tuesday we met up with my brother Kurt and his family. On the way we stopped at the river for Ally to take some pictures for her digital photography class of the landscape.

Jackson and their dog Bowie.

Christmas card photo!

Palmer family 

Palmer family minus Becky

One last picture. 

We went out for Pizza after visiting Grandpa and there was a balloon lady. I said she we will take 4 balloons. And she made the most amazing hat creations for the kid’s. And they were so embarrassed and such good sports.

After dinner Ally and I drove to my brother Frank’s house we were staying with him and his fiancĂ©e Trish for the next 3 nights.

They have 6 small dogs. Frank has 5 on his lap.

We met up with cousins in downtown Columbus. 

And shopped at a retro record store. Kaitlin loves the name, and Ally and I laughed at how her British Siri pronounced it.

Thanksgiving with Palmer cousins is not complete without a visit to Target. I give the kids a spending limit and they can shop for and buy whatever they want. No questions asked. 

Back at their house for a snack. Bowie really wanted Ally’s popcorn. 65 pounds and Ally was not intimidated, she refused to share.

Then it was off to Zoo Lights.

The polar bear was out!

Trish met up with us at the zoo. Meredith was thrilled to be taller than the Sun Bear!

I think she is so beautiful. She was not happy with the photo but let me take it anyway.

Hot cocoa to warm up.

It was so pretty. 

Thanksgiving morning. Ally loved all the dogs. 

Selfie in our Thanksgiving food shirts.
Then we drove back to Kurt’s house, Ally stayed and hung out with her cousins and Frank and Trish and I went to visit my dad.

These two love cranberry sauce.

Cousins picture.

In a fun turn of events Aunt Martha and Uncle Phil were able to spend Thanksgiving in Columbus too. So after dinner with the Palmers we drove over to Katy’s for a visit. 
After a few hours of catching up we left to go back to Frank’s house. But we realized we forgot to take any pictures!!! Ally agreed we had to go back, we had not driven far and I am so glad we did.

Such nice picture.

This group have been so supportive of our family. I’m so grateful and thankful for all of them. 

Becky with Beth and Debbie and Dave. It was so nice for the 4 of them to have some time together. 

Our last morning at Frank’s and Ally was again thrilled to cuddle with the dogs. 

Even when 4lb Bentley wanted her cereal. 

What a great last morning in Ohio.

Return flight home to Boston!

Ally had to search for Daisy who was hiding but crying for Ally under the couch.

Reunited at last.
It was a great week visiting family. Ally is the absolute best travel partner.