Tuesday, November 16, 2021

15th Birthday

Today is Ally’s 15th Birthday. She had a party planned with friends for November 11 (no school for Veteran’s Day) but she has to cancel Bc she was not up for it with her surgery recovery. She had planned on lunch and shopping at the mall. 

Since then she’s been kind of blasé about her birthday. So Saturday I decided I needed to take charge. I got on Amazon and ordered a bunch of party decorations and asked Beth to take the afternoon off and help me decorate as a surprise for Ally. Becky even took the day off. 

It was great. 

Flashback to her 1st party.

We woke her up wearing party hats and blowing noise makers and bringing in a bouquet of Happy 15th Birthday balloons. She also had a birthday cake topper in her cereal bowl!

Before school picture. 

I made cupcakes. Ally actually prefers no frosting (she’s always been that way) and so the top tiers are naked cupcakes and then I like chocolate frosting so some of those for me and Becky vanilla frosting!

Beth arrived and decorating got serious. This year I bought an electrical pump to blow up the 120 balloons!

Beth loved it!

This is Becky trying to put together the bouquet stand by watching the instructional video on YouTube. 

But the kitchen came out awesome! 

Then we moved upstairs.

Lots of work and laughter when we decorate for Ally’s birthday.

But the finished spaces look amazing. Just exactly how I envisioned them.

Ally stayed late at school to hang out with friends and took a nap on the way home. 
She is feeling great post surgery but for sure her energy level is not back to normal. 

I bought her a tiara with 15 on it and a sash that says “It’s my 15th birthday”
And she wore them!!! She saw the kitchen and sat down in the living room and was all happy. 
Then we brought her to the 3rd floor.

She was seriously surprised.

And really happy.

Time to open gifts. Cards first, $15 from Gruncle and Aunt Suzie, some checks from Great Aunt Martha & Uncle Phil and from Grandma and Poppy.

Sketch books from the Palmers.

A bag full of fun stuff from Aunt Beth including a lava lamp.
She also got some clothes, makeup and “design your own” Nikes from us.

Beth has never missed one of Ally’s birthdays. Pretty special to have an Aunt at every single one. We are so lucky.

A new makeup mirror. Ally humored me with a selfie!

Dinner time!

Pancakes of course with strawberries, watermelon and scrambled eggs on the side. 
Ally was tickled to have Daisy join us for dinner.

Family picture!
Beth went home and Ally and Becky played PS5 for a while.

Cloey was happy Ally is healed/recovered enough for Cloey to lay on Ally again. 

Eventually she had both her cat and dog with her. 
Pretty nice way to end her day.

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