Saturday, February 27, 2021

February 21-27, 2021

It was a week rife with sorrow and bad news. But as has been the case for the past couple of years our pets brought us much comfort and time with friends is priceless. 

Sunday we went to Rosa and Julie’s house. The girls went sledding in town and took the above selfie for Instagram. 

But also agreed to the picture above when they got back.

I roasted a giant marshmallow for a s’more.

Cloey! I made chocolate chip cookies to bring to Julie and Rosa. On the drive over we realized that Cloey must have eaten one!!! YIKES so I actually dropped off Becky and Ally and drove home to get Cloey so we could monitor her.

Monday Ally had no school, but she was caught searching for a dropped dog treat under the fridge.

Ally was super happy with a yogurt parfait for lunch on Tuesday. Tuesday after school Ally had Maya and Olive over and they hung out for several hours up in our 3rd floor, board games, PS5, watching YouTube and making Tik Toks.

Wednesday we found out that a 15 year old girl in our community killed herself. As soon as I heard I went upstairs to talk to Ally. She had already heard about it on social media but was willing to talk about it with me. Ally did not know the girl personally but this was her first experience with suicide in her atmosphere. She was pretty shaken up about it. Holding Daisy always grounds her. 

Thursday morning Cloey was crying and whining and pawing to get at something under Ally’s couch. Finally I got down and looked to see what she wanted. It was the missing chocolate chip cookie from Sunday! 

Thursday brought some more grave news. Charges were brought against a prominent national gymnastics coach for his role in the gymnastics sex abuse case. The coach killed himself rather than face charges. It was another dose of harsh reality. 

But our Peloton arrived and Ally did her first ride on Thursday. 

Becky too.

Friday Ally was feeling pretty good and took these selfies.

Yummy Friday lunch with Cloey. After school Ally went to an 8th grade social at a local park with Maya and Olive. She came home pretty cold and spent the rest of the evening in her room under her electric blanket watching TV. 

Friday Grandpa Frank went to the hospital. He hadn’t been feeling well and so at the advice of his doctor he called for an ambulance and went to the ER he was admitted with some heart and kidney issues. 

Saturday called for donuts! From the new cafe on the corner down the street from our house. Ally went to practice and then came home, watched UCLA win their gymnastics meet and then we all watched U-571 a WWII submarine movie. It was a nice way to end the week.

A week like this with death and hospital sickness make me really appreciate all the good we have. And how hard we are working to maintain good health. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

February 14-20, 2021

The highlight of the week was Valentine’s Day. It was school vacation week and for the first time in 19 years we did not travel. We slept in, played lots of video games, did a puzzle, made crepes, introduced Ally to war movies and it felt like vacation. We miss travel but still don’t feel comfortable traveling yet so we will continue to stay home. 

We usually do something special for Valentine’s Day but this year we decided to a little more. And we got a few deliveries of flowers! Lucky us.

Heart shaped mini waffles!

Ally got a cat pouch hoodie!

Ally LOVES it

I got a really lovely card and Becky made me heart placemats! 

My favorite was the note from Ally:

Lots of fun goodies for Ally; a ring holder, a new ring, some squishy balls and a few other calming items.

A matching face mask and scrunchie.

We started watching war movies! 
Ally loved Hacksaw Ridge and begged for a second movie so we watched Black Hawk Down.

It was a school vacation week and Ally enjoyed lazy mornings every day.

We made crepes for lunch one day! A first for all of us.

Becky had a little trouble.

So I took over cooking duties

Ally was excited

And really liked it.

Becky ate several.

We did a heart puzzle in honor of Valentine’s Day.

On Thursday we ran some errands while our house cleaners came. We took Cloey to the groomers for a bath and nail trim, got COVID tests at the drive thru location, made a quick stop into Best Buy for some new PS5 games, and got ice cream. We came
home a few hours later to a freezing cold house (we open all the windows to air out the house and reduce the possibility of COVID) and a very clean house.

Becky and Ally modeling matching T-shirts we got with our restaurant CSA.