Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 2 at Grandma and Poppy’s house


On Sunday Great Aunt Pammy, Great Uncle Tommy and Great Aunt Louise came over to visit for a BBQ.



We love the tree Ally is posed it front of – its so unusual. Aunt Pam brought Ally a cool sticker book, a new card game and a new Pez.  Aunt Louise gave Ally a really delicious lollipop. Thank you!


Its not a family BBQ without a game of croquet.


Ally’s form leaves room for improvement, but she had fun and when you’re 6 that is what matters.



After croquet Ally put on a little gymnastics show, and Aunt Beth helped her do the wheel barrel.


Poppy Dave’s birthday was this week, so we got a cake and celebrated early since we were all together. Ally got her first taste of a jelly fruit slice. She basically just sucked the sugar off and then threw it away.


After lunch it was time for more games. Aunt Pam and Aunt Louise were great fun to play with.  Then Ally and I settled in to watch the first group bowl on the Wii.


Ally WON! She schwooped, Aunt Pam, Aunt Louise and Mama.


After bowling, like all good athletes, its important to hydrate and refuel your body. Ally wanted to juice another orange.


Before they left I got group pictures. Tom, Pam and Ally, and then Aunt Louise and Ally.


Before bedtime Poppy read Ally books. She had brought a Spanish book specifically for him to read to her. Poppy was such a good sport – he read the entire book in Spanish (and its English part as well). Ally laughed and laughed at his attempts to pronounce the words in Spanish.

I was and am so appreciate of our relatives support in having Ally learn Spanish.

Thanks Poppy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A visit with Grandma Debbie and Poppy Day 1

Memorial Day weekend we went to visit Grandma Debbie and Poppy. Aunt Beth came with us and we all took the train down Friday right after school. It was a late night – we did not get to sleep until 1130pm!



But Ally woke up ready to play Monopoly! She was a good sport as Poppy was the winner after several hours of play.


Ally decided she wanted to use my camera and take pictures of the yard. Sorry Aunt Beth – you got cut off!


After having fun climbing a tree Ally and Grandma Debbie made a strawberry rhubarb crumble. Ally helped with every step. Slicing the berries, chopping the rhubarb.


Measuring the sugar, being silly to my camera.


But I think the highlight for Ally was juicing an orange. She LOVED it. And they juiced a whole extra orange for Ally to drink.


Before and after pictures.


Beth, Becky and I went out shopping and while we were gone, Grandma and Poppy and Ally got creative in Poppy’s workshop. They built a trampoline for the doll house! And that is supposed to be Ally (a gymnast) to jump on it. Every time we visit they make additional gymnastic equipment for the doll house, the trampoline now joins the bars and balance beam.


As the day wore on Ally got really tired, which was no surprise since she is used to 11 hours of sleep at night and only got 8. As she was struggling with what to do, Poppy suggested bowling – on the Wii. It was a HUGE hit.


I even gave it a try.


As much fun as it was to watch Ally, I think listening to Debby make the phetttttt sound as the ball released was even funnier.


Finally it was bedtime and there is my family reading books before sleep time.

It was a great first day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ordinary life–in pictures

One night after dinner Ally asked if she could wash dishes. Of course we said yes.




One night Ally got a little too much lotion on.


Lazy Saturday morning – all 3 of us on laptops. My boss recently gifted us his old laptop so now we have 3! One of each of us. Hard to believe.