Sunday, October 24, 2021

October 10- 23

Life keeps moving on

It’s hard to get a picture of Ally these days without Daisy. 

One night we made Halloween themed Legos as a family fun activity.

Julie had Frankenstein, Becky the witch and Ally did the Catrina (Day of the Dead figurine).

It was so fun!

Good morning!

This is Ally’s World Civilization project, they had to create their own community. This was Lavender City.
Ally is doing really well in school. She got mid term grades and proudly told me she got all As and a B+. I reminded her that A’s are not what is important to us (learning, understanding and effort are most important not the grades) and her reply was “yeah but it sure feels good to get A’s)!!!
It has been such a joy to see her embrace learning and how hard she is working and being successful at school and happy socially. 

Weekend gaming.

Post shower braid and snuggles with Daisy

Daisy had her annual Vet appointment and I drove Ally and Daisy to and from the Vet. But Ally brought Daisy in and did the appointment visit in person all by herself! 
I’ve been feeling really lucky this month for our long standing relationship with several of our “service providers” we have had the same Vet and hair stylist since before Ally was born probably 18-20 years for them and Ally has had the same pediatrician her whole life. Its so nice to have these long standing relationships and for us and Ally to feel so comfortable with these professionals.

Volleyball has been busy. I went to one home game and watched 2 sets and after the 2nd Ally texted me and asked me to leave. I did without questioning the request. She told me later that my presence made her nervous. We talked about it too and why me watching volleyball is nerve wracking but gymnastics it was a comfort. And she said gymnastics is a judged sport and volleyball is not, and she felt self conscious. I was really proud of her for advocating for herself. And so asking for what she needed to do her best. 
The team did lose in 3 sets. 

Morning before school pictures

Bedtime picture 

Saturday class outing to Boda Borg.

Sunday morning Ally started volunteering at our Church nursery. She needs 15 hours of community service for school this year and wanted to earn some at the nursery. So I dropped her off for a 2 hour shift. She is signed up for 5 shifts between now and January.

Later on Sunday Aunt Beth came over for the annual Hocus Pocus movie night. 

Cloey dragged her bed in from the other room to show Beth. 

Becky and I got haircuts. I had 4+ inches cut off my hair.

The JV Volleyball team finally won! We were not at the game but the team was so happy.

Lately 1-2 nights a week Ally comes home from school and curls up on the couch with me for dinner and a TV show. It’s so nice.

Ally took this selfie at school one day. 

Headed out to Saturday night movie and open gym at school. 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

September 27-October 9, 2021

Ally seems to be settling in better than Becky and I this Fall. After weeks and months of being together all the time, we miss her! 

2 bags to school everyday. One has volleyball stuff the other her school/academic things. 

Some days I just like to document her outfit.

Very long drive to see her volleyball debut. It was rough. The drive and the game. 

#16 Go Ally

They lost, the other team was much more experienced and so much taller than Ally her many of her teammates. 

School style.

Morning time with her pets.

Walking to class

Asleep in the car Saturday afternoon. Ally went to school for “athletics day” kind of like homecoming at her school this year…a volleyball game and soccer game.  She was pretty tired and napped in the car on the way home.

Weekend puzzle with mommy.

What a way to start the day.

Becky did tie dye with Youth Group and made this shirt for Cloey. 

Our longtime photographer also does the senior portraits at Ally’s school and she took this of Ally. Just to surprise us.

We got a giant Daikon in our farm CSA. 

Daisy snuggles after a very long day at school and volleyball. Ally was gone 12 hours. 

Another before school picture.