Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

I said we had been partying....
One of Ally's classmates had his 4th birthday party at a park with these 2 HUGE slides. Ally said they were "very very big slides". She and her friend Stella had fun climbing the stairs and then sliding down together.

at the top

coming down

closer to the bottom! The loved it. They would get down and yell "Again" and start the climb all over again.

Andy likes trains, and his parents made this beautiful cake for him. There was a car for each child.

Ally ate the candy off her train car.

But she loved it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have been hitting the party circuit pretty hard the past few weeks - we've had at least 2 parties every weekend. Ally has been really well behaved at all of them. She plays with friends, and then sometimes comes and sits with us when she needs a break. Here is a series of pictures I just could not resist:
Silly smile

Silly face

funny face

great shot!

no more photos please...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cat Lover

Do you think she loves her "Bryce - ey" as she calls him? He is the cat she looks for when we get home, when she wakes up and many times in between.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flagstaff Recap

Once again this year we went to the pool when we could. Ally of course loved hanging on to the railing and swinging and climbing.

She braved the big pool this year and had a blast jumping into mommy's arms. Click on this picture to see the face she is making at Gruncle, he took the picture. The two of them are so silly.

Ally and I played outside in the culde sac with a beach ball.

"Diving for coins" Which means dropping them in the kiddie pool and bending down to pick them up. Here she is holding them up to show them off.

A trip to "our park" and swinging with Gruncle.

We went shopping with Aunt Suzie and Ally got some new pajamas - with Princesses on them. Here she is showing off her Ariel ones. She also got a new outfit for school. Thank-you!

reading books is always a favorite activity. This night Ally got hot and wanted to take off her shirt. She also was apparently not that interested in reading the book. We have photo books from each of our trips to visit and here he was reading San Diego 2008.

But Ally loved listening to Gruncle sing his "Suzie song" She thought it was the funniest thing.

Gruncle, Alejandra Suzanne (Ally) and Aunt Suzie (Suzanne)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flagstaff Day 2

On our second day we went to Bearizona. (Clever name). Its a drive through refuge / animal park for rescued animals, not just bear but:
Future Moose and Elk


Ally loved it
there is a small walk around area and we saw baby bears


Ally was using her "cat whispering" skills to get the bobcats to come closer. She makes a sppsppss sound and rubs her fingers together.

American Burro

Which is also known as a donkey - I thought he was going to stick his head in the car window.

Mountain goats

Big Horn Sheep

Cheer Bear liked it too

riding with mommy so she could see

One of the bears went in the pool to take a bath!

These 2 were pretty silly looking in the same pose. It was like they had a routine.
It was a fun thing to do, and it just opened, we hope next year we can visit again, with mama!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flagstaff 2010 Day 1

Ally and I traveled to Flagstaff a couple weeks ago to spend a few days with my Aunt Suzie and Uncle Phil (aka Aunt Suzie and Gruncle). The trip was planned so we could attend the county fair again this year. We had a blast!
A pig! We asked Ally if it was Olivia, but she said no.

Ally even got to pet the llama.
And the horse - she was determined to pet the horse. I was pretty amazed that she was so into it, she was wedged between the fence, that is how determined she was to pet it.

A chicken - or is this a rooster?

Petting the bunny was next.

After the animals we took a break to watch a neat singer on the children's stage. Ally was not nearly as into it as Gruncle who is hammering along to the song!

we did persuade her to join the other children for the marching song, but this is how she looked.

But then she went on a pony ride! I could not believe it! She loved it!

After the pony ride we walked over to the rides and games. Ally was so excited.

This year Ally took on Aunt Suzie in the cow race game. "Get ready Aunt Suzie"

Gruncle coached Ally on her technique for throwing the golf ball in the holes. (1 hole was trot, 1 was walk, 1 was crawl and then the cow moved a lot, a but or not much at all)

Ally was cow #4, Aunt Suzie was #6.

The agony of Aunt Suzie's defeat.

The sweet joy of victory - and the excitement of a new pink bear - Cheer Bear.

On to the rides, the carousel. It was a first for me as a mom, I got to ride the carousel, instead of just standing next to Ally!

There was a swing ride

A break from rides to play the "ducky game" this is where Ernie's pillow was won last year. The guy running the game insisted on "collaboration" and put a crate down for Ally to help.

This year Aunt Suzie won Ally a pink shark. But honestly, it was not the favorite thing, Ally was so proud of herself for winning Cheer Bear that quickly became her favorite thing of the trip.

Our time at the fair ended with a ride on the train. The ride was so long, and peaceful, that Gruncle even reached out to high 5 Ally: