Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Bunny Play Date

Last year we ran in to Ally’s friend W.ill.ow at the mall and the girls got their picture taken together with the Easter Bunny. Ally asked to do it again this year.


They were so excited! Left is before, and right is after – with their Bunny masks.


Lovin’ the Easter Bunny!


We went out to lunch, and Ally had cheese pizza and a scoop of ice cream for dessert – she was so silly trying to fit the entire scoop in her mouth at once!

It was a fun afternoon, for moms and daughters.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Prep 2013

Holidays are a pretty big thing for us. I like any excuse to get crafty, surprisingly Becky is not such a fan of my Holiday-crafting. I think she prefers long lasting projects, but I prefer the short-termness of the holidays.

A bit of internet time on Pinterest showed me how to make your own plastic egg garland:


So I made the ones above to hang in our living room.

march 2013 (4)march 2013 (6)

Then it was time to trade out the Valentine theme on Ally’s tree to one for Easter. It has glitter egg ornaments, carrots, butterflies and the tree topper is a large Styrofoam glitter egg, that Becky drilled a hole into so it would work as a topper!

We’re hosting 4 other families from our neighborhood group for an Easter / Spring Potluck dinner and egg hunt. So of course we are working on more decorations:



This is a sample of eggs Ally has colored (decorated with crayon) I love the top left – it’s a camping theme – tent, fire, stars and Ally. She’s still working on her spelling of Happy Ester!

As if you needed more proof of how much Ally loves peeps:


Then this afternoon we made edible bird nests:


I melted butterscotch chips and Ally broke pretzel sticks into small pieces. Then we mixed them together, to coat the pretzels and shaped the mixture into nests. Once the the nest was made we put eggs on it.


Of course some were topped with Chicky Peeps!



Eating a peep with mama!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guatemala Girls (late March 2013)


Julie and Rosa hosted our Guat Girls play date on Saturday. The girls were so thrilled to all be together – its been a while since all 5 of them were present. Julie and Rosa had Easter baskets for each of them, and we did an egg hunt!


I got them all to pose for a group picture, before the egg hunt chaos.


Then again with the spoils of their hunt! (from left to right; Ally, Alice, Rosa, Gabi & Roxie.)


The loudest squeals came when the 5 of them found the plate of pink bunny peeps! Ally loves peeps.


Turns out all of them love peeps!


After dessert it was braid time. The moms commented on Ally’s cool braid – Aunt Beth did it that morning before she left for Nantucket. So Gabi’s mom Kim demonstrated how to do what she called a “head band French braid” on me.


Ally and I with matching hair-dos!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mama of the Year


Becky is officially Mama of the Year.

The last skating session of the year was family skate. Free skate rental for parents to skate along with their children. Since the last time I was on ice skates was 22 years ago, I fell, hit my head and they called 911 “head injury at the ice rink” and the paramedics came to check me out. It was embarrassing and enough to make me stay off the ice for the rest of my life. So Becky got to participate in family skate.


Can you tell how excited she was about it? Becky was a little hesitant when she got on the ice.


Ally went right on out and skated towards the middle. They soon met up and skated holding hands for the rest of the time.


Ally was thrilled, she got a medal for her efforts.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Afterschool Fun

Every Wednesday Lauren (and her dog Pilot) pick Ally up at school, they might go for a walk, the park but always end up at our house until Becky and I get home around 6pm. Last week we came home to a HUMUNGOUS fort in our living room:


It was so big we had to take a picture


Yes that is Ally airborne in the background! She leapt from the couch to our easy chair just as Becky snapped the picture.



I think its clear Ally loves dogs.

We keep talking about getting a dog – Ally and I want a pug. But Becky and I agreed a long time ago we would wait until we only had 1 cat. But it is getting hard to wait.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

3 Visits With Aunt Beth

Aunt Beth arrived on Wednesday 3 weeks ago – she had a conference on Thursday but there was snow predicted so she came a day early. Ally as usual was thrilled to have Beth here (Becky and I too!) Then Beth came the next two weekends as well!

First Visit:


The 3 of them played a long game of monopoly – it lasted for 3 days! In the end Becky won. The game ended when Beth ran out of money. Sorry Beth.

As always when Becky and Beth are together sewing and fabric are part of the conversation. Ally asked for some and then proceeded to make her own purse – using tape!


With 12+ inches of snow that is due to melt by tomorrow I suggested they go sledding. There is a hill just a few blocks away and Becky, Beth and Ally headed out around 9AM and had the whole place to themselves – fresh, unsullied sledding!





It was a great weekend, and so were the following weekends, but I failed to get any pictures of those! Except for the one below of the quilt Becky is working on for our “guest bed” Beth helped her on it while Ally and I were at gymnastics.