Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Visit

Grandma Debbie and Poppy made a quick stop at our house on their way home after visiting Aunt Beth. Ally was so excited to have them come spend the night at our house.

After some chatting we got out Ally's gymnastics mat and beam - and Ally then decided to put her leotard on to better show off her tricks.
We had a hilarious rendition of the national anthem while making Ally stand with  her hand over her heart and her medals on. Ally seemed very confused while the 4 adults hummed and laughed.

Soon after that she asked Grandma to play a game with her.

 Then it was time to introduce Grandma and Poppy to Rosie. This is the hamster we are watching for a friend on vacation.
 Poppy Dave pet Rosie and then agreed to hold her!
He was very gentle and did not get bit
 Rosie stayed in Ally's room because our cat Carl would get on top of Rosie's cage and try to get inside. Bad Carl we would shout and spray him with the spray bottle to get down, but soon realized Rosie should be in Ally's room and we kept the doors closed for the 3 weeks she stayed with us.

 Grandma Debbie was not so enamored with Rosie - but she was tickled by her granddaughter showing her off!
 After her shower it was time for books before bed. Grandma read about the Hippo with the Hiccups.
And Poppy read about the Giraffe who learned to dance.

It was a very nice visit - Ally is really looking forward to going to visit them at their house in a few weeks!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dolly's Birthday

July 22 was Dolly's birthday!

 Becky was away on Nantucket so Ally and I did all of the party preparations. This was her idea for balloons!  I was thinking more paper-chain or a banner but she came up with this idea and I executed it.
 I did the hearts - it was so cute. In case you can't tell it was a rainbow-themed party!

 Ally colored in the rainbows while I worked on the balloons and the hearts

 We made tiny doll-sized cookies with rainbow sprinkles

 The day of the party Ally wore a new dress that Becky designed and made for her. (Yes Becky created the pattern herself!)

 I created "goody bags" out of craft paper and Ally stuffed them for the guests.

 I wore a skirt Becky made - here we are Ally and Mommy in our Becky creations! We picked her up from the airport in our outfits!

 The birthday girl Dolly.
(Dolly is a wearing a dress Grandma Debbie made for her.)

 Dolly and her sister Baby waiting for the guests to arrive.

 Ally was so excited when the guests started to arrive!
Ally's imaginary friends E-essa, Di-essa and some other essa were the guests.

 The gift table

Ally read to the girls in Spanish!

Its a huge book that is difficult to manage but she pointed out objects and explained the English and Spanish words for things.

I read a book as well - and Ally sat with Dolly in her lap. She had so much fun at this party.

After the books Kitty and Manx Cat put on a dance show - the rug was their special dance floor / stage.
After the cat dance show it was time for gymnastics! Ally demonstrated some skills.

Then she helped Dolly and Baby to do the skills.

Then mama spotted E-essa on the beam.

After gymnastics it was time for treats!
We set the table with doll-size place settings.
Ally carried over the cookies.

Ally and Mommy!

Gifts after treats - scented markers!

Dolly asked for stickers you could color (Ally has some in a special craft kit. For dolly I simply printed out pictures on to mailing labels for her to color.)
Can you tell how much fun Ally was having at the party?

Smelling all the different markers - Becky and I were so scared Ally would color our noses! But we had to smell all the different scents.

After gifts Ally brought the girls to the park

She demonstrated the monkey bars

And helped Dolly and Baby to safely play on the climbing structure.

Finally the party was over and Ally relaxed on the couch to watch some TV.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mommy's Birthday

I turned 39 years old on July 26. I wish I could say it was the best birthday ever.
But maybe 39 was the universe's way of saying 40 will be the best one!
It was a stress-filled day of work and then as can sometimes happen my lovely amazing 5 year old daughter was not in the best of moods. But I was happy to spend the evening with Ally despite her mood, and with Becky who tried very hard to make it a great birthday for me.

 Here is the gorgeous table scape I came home - Becky created the Happy Birthday Julie banner herself.

Ally and Becky played legos

 we opened gifts and ate my favorite tortilla chips
Ally made me a beautiful card.

 The best smile we could get out of her

Eventually after the 3rd meltdown and a nap in the stroller, Ally asked to go to the park.

 A friend from school was at the park which helped a lot

And soon enough Ally was in a smiling happy mood

We did not have cake - it just was not the right night for it. Becky made up for it by ordering a cake for when we were away over the weekend.