Monday, July 2, 2012

Saturday Change of Plans

Saturday we were supposed to meet the our Guat Girls group at a local park for some swimming. By the time we got there (which was 30 minutes earlier than the meeting time) the parking lot was closed - too full and they were not allowing anyone else in. 3 of our 4 friends were already there, the 4th canceled and we were shut out.
Becky and I were pretty bummed and stressed and upset.
But Ally took it all in stride "what can we do about it" she asked calmly and "what can we do now"
After some discussion I finally decided we would go to the pool.
We recently purchased a summer pool  membership at a local hotel about 5 minute from our house. So we headed over there and had a fun time.

 Mama and Ally in the water - its also a saline pool so no yucky chlorine smell afterwards!
 Check out Ally's AMAZING diving skills - she is still too short to touch the bottom but she has learned how to bend and dive down using her legs and arms to propell her to the bottom of the pool.
 To pick up rings and coins!
 We took a break for a picnic lunch on the roof deck of the hotel - its right outside the pool!

After swimming we headed home for a break before heading out to the movies. While at home Alice and Cheryl came over to say how much they and the other girls/moms missed us at the get together. It was nice to seem them.

Ally at the movies - she brought her bunny to hold and snuggle with and she ate some popcorn as usual.
We saw B.rave - it was pretty good.

After the movies walking to our car - I think they look so adorable with their shoulder bags slung across their bodies!

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