Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Annual BBQ

Saturday was the annual Guatemalan adoptive families BBQ at our friends' house. Gabi and her family host this event every year and Ally and I had fun as usual. (Becky was visiting her sister on Nantucket.)

 This year Ally was super excited about the pool.

 Finally a pool that Ally can touch the bottom of! Yes the pool is only about 3' deep so Ally could easily stand. Here she is with Rosa, these two played together so well all afternoon.

 After a swim Ally got out shivering - so she had some lunch and then was on to the bar on the swing set.

Love this picture!

 Ally and Rosa on the swing

 Ally is clutching handfuls of Pirate's Booty snack food - and that is Roxie behind her looking quite confused.

 But then she sees that Ally was putting the snack food into Rosa's bucket. Rosa would then hoist up  the bucket into the structure.

 They thought it was great fun - handfuls went up, and even watermelon!

 But then it was on to the hula hoops - Rosa has some moves!

 Every year I get a picture of our Guatemala girls at this BBQ - Alice was missing this year - but here are Rosa, Ally, Gabi and Roxie.

The last time we were at Gabi's house the girls did an obstacle course - so they wanted one again this time - I volunteered Roxie's Dad (pictured at left) to create one for them. He was trying to explain all the tasks to them.

 The 4 friends all lined up for their turn at the obstacle course

 Julie (Rosa's mom), me, and Mary Beth (Roxie's mom) watching the girls on the course.

 Soon it was time for one last swim.
 Yes that is Ally diving down under the water - all you see if her foot.
After a quick swim the girls were back for more obstacle course. Another Dad had set up a different course while we were swimming and these girls could have done it for hours if we let them.

 Roxie jumping rope - they had to do at least 2 jumps
 Rosa at the hop scotch
 Gabi hitting the whiffle golf ball off the tee

 Ally walking with the monster feet!

 Roxie's monster feet

It was a rainbow - themed weekend for Ally and I so of course she drew one on the driveway in chalk.

We had a wonderful time at the BBQ.

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