Thursday, April 22, 2021

April 18-23, 2021 SPRING BREAK

Nantucket was surprisingly beautiful and relaxing for our Spring Break vacation. It’s not Miami or London which are our previous April destinations but it’s nice.

Sunday we headed out to Sconset.

We had the beach to ourselves and saw our first seals.

We drove over to Sankaty Head Lighthouse.

Cloey is so photogenic.

When we got home Ally watched the sunset from her 2nd floor window.

Monday morning we started a 1000 piece puzzle.

Even Daisy helped.

And we had some special visitors 

Deer who came right up to our porch!

We went to the beach with Daisy on Tuesday. 

It was windy but we had the whole beach to ourselves. 

That night we played games and fed Cloey off the table!

Becky had Mac and cheese with a beer for lunch one day. Living her vacation dreams at the beach!

Wednesday another beach trip. It was colder and windier. Ally did not last long so she and I walked back to the house. 

Cloey took shelter under Becky’s chair.

More deer.

Another pretty sunset. 

Thursday we got some very sad news that a parent in Ally’s class passed away; Lizzie’s dad Daniel. We took some time to talk about it, and practice coping skills with comfort food (popcorn & mint chip ice cream) and some cartoons on TV.

Then the 3 of us and Cloey headed out to a different beach. And saw the Brandt Point Lighthouse. Windier today. 

Again we had the beach all to ourselves. 

Because the water was so calm on the bay side where we were Cloey waded in. 

A smile in the sun!

We threw shells in and Cloey would go into the water to fetch them. It was hilarious.

When we got home Ally did some art. 

Thursday, our last day it was too windy to go out and sit on the beach. The sand blasted the car. Becky braved the wind to take some pictures.

Ally had promised us a handstand photo but refused to get out of the car in the wind. I couldn’t blame her.

Look at those waves!

So we drove to the boat dock and she did her handstand!

Later that day she posed with her Nantucket Nectar lemonade on Nantucket!

Becky and Beth got seafood for dinner, they tried to eat outside but it was too windy.

Ally and Daisy. 

Final sunset.

Friday morning posing for a picture before getting into the car.

Group selfie!

Daisy so happy in Ally’s  lap.
It was a traffic heavy drive home after the 2 hour ferry ride but such a wonderful vacation.

Saturday morning, back in her bedroom eating pancakes with her cat and dog in bed. So happy.

And we picked up our new car on the way to Ally’s gymnastics practice.