Sunday, June 28, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 2

June 28 - July 4

We started the week with family pancakes! It was actually us teaching Ally to make pancakes. 

Ally was not thrilled with my “family selfie” demand

That Mix comes out fast! Ally laughed so hard when she got covered in pancake mix.

She loved throwing water on the griddle and making it sizzle.

First 2. One was an oops but not terrible.

Her flipping technique is unique. She flips them forward rather than to the side!

We worked hard on the side flip. 

Becky laughed at Ally’s style.

But Ally got the last laugh, she whacked Becky on the head with her pancake turner.

Finally it was time for chocolate chip pancakes.

The angry teen face because Becky was heckling her.

Sometimes that forward flip doesn’t quite work.

But they sure tasted good. Ally was starving by the time she had some pancakes for herself ready. She commented on how much work it was. We told her it gets easier with practice. 

She spent most of Sunday in her room. Happily gazing into her closet from her couch. 

The blue tint is because she has colored lights up in her room and like the blue light the best. Such a happy girl this weekend. 

It was super stormy on Sunday. Thunderstorms off and on all day. Cloey decided to bark at the thunder. She has never done that before. But all day when we would get loud thunder she would run around and bark. And all night too! So none of us got much sleep Sunday night. 

Monday I was at the office all morning. Ally had therapy, Becky did laundry and cooked bread and dinner. In the evening Ally and I played pick up sticks. She beat me soundly. Then we all worked in our dot journals and played more of the Jackbox games and Granny. Ally has continued her reading as well.

Tuesday a new Ipsy package came. We opened it up after practice, Ally was happy with the Summer palette of eye shadow. 

Wednesday Ally was super sore. Her body was in shock from the 3 hour practice on Tuesday. She spent most of the day on her couch. She enjoys her LED color changing lights. Sometimes the LED lights are red.

Or clear

Or white

Or green. Becky and Ally are still playing video games. 

With all the hand washing we do nowadays Ally has perfected one of her childhood skills; blowing bubbles out of her soapy hands. Here she is after her annual physical. It had been delayed for months with COVID. I’m happy to report Ally is a healthy 13 year old. No shots this year which she was thrilled about.

Ally got a necklace holder for her room.

Friday afternoon Becky went over to Beth’s house with Cloey. They had lunch and played games. Cloey loves Beth if you can’t tell.

Friday night we watched Independence Day! Such a great movie. And then we immediately watched the 2016 sequel, Independence Day Resurgence. The sequel was not as good but we enjoyed it. 

Saturday morning we picked up our 4th of July feast from Flour. Make your own lobster rolls,
clam chowder and potato salad.

Becky was pretty excited for dinner. 

We cleaned up the house, baked and did a beauty project before our celebration started.

Ally has been curious about dying her hair purple. But she did not want to bleach it. Just some highlights she said. So I did some internet research and ordered a box from Target that YouTubers said worked best on dark hair. 

It is hard to get dye to actually show up on hair as dark as Ally’s and we were prepared for it not to work at all.

But we gave it a try.

And in the right light you can definitely see it. 

It is very subtle. So subtle that Becky can’t actually see it. But Ally and I and Beth can. 

Aunt Beth came over for dinner. She met up with us at a local footbridge where we went to see the Fighter Jet Flyover.

We took some pictures while we waited:

Then at 4pm right on time came the jets; the Air Force Thunderbirds, then the B-1,B-2 and B-52 bombers followed by F-15 and F-22 fighters and finally US Marine Corps F-35 fighters. 

We took advantage of the nice day to take some more pictures.

Daisy of course was delighted when Ally came home.

Once at home we enjoyed our back porch and had dinner.

Beth and Becky tried to use napkins to light our citronella candle. 

Ally was thrilled Beth brought meringues. 

And of course there was game playing after dinner. I did the dishes and blogged. They played games.  And then we all played Jackbox games.

Ally was a little worried with both pets surrounding her.

And a group selfie before we said good bye for the night. 

Happy 4th of July!!!