Sunday, September 26, 2021

September 20-26, 2021

This was the first 5 day full day week of school. And Ally had volleyball every day after school. 

After school one day Ally collapsed in giggles with love and kisses from Cloey.

Morning Daisy 

Dinner & the Homework after practice.

Sometimes with Daisy there is no personal space

Yes that is Daisy on top of Ally’s head.

Ally had her first volleyball game!! Unfortunately she was unable to remove her piercing and was not able to play. I took it out after the game at home and we have a plan for games moving forward. The cartilage piercing is supposed to stay in for 6 months and she had it done 2 months ago. So we were a little concerned. But her ear is fine. And she just needs to take it out and put it back in after the game. 

Ally has been eating one of her childhood favorite cereals this week; Gorilla Munch. 4 bowls a day is standard. 
We are happy she is eating and she will start working with a Nutritionist this week.

She got her school ID this week:

Ally is not a fan of her picture but I think she looks great.

Ally was happy to get a card from Grandma and Poppy. 

Saturday was a quiet day at home. A much needed day of downtime, puzzling and playing PS5.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

September 12-19 2021

The start of high school is going well. Ally has an established group of friends, I call them the “gang of 6” Ally, Eden, Katie, Rya, Persifoni & Zoe. Ally and Persifoni were on the same gymnastics team for 3 years so it’s kind of fun that they now go to school together and play volleyball together. Katie runs cross country but the other 5 are all on the JV volleyball team. 

There has been some drama bordering on bullying but Ally is navigating through it and really happy to have this group of girls. There are some boys they hang out with too. The academic part of school seems to be going pretty well too. The teachers write a weekly progress report for each student. Ally gets it on Monday and has the chance to work on things, meet with her advisor etc on Tuesday and then Wednesday it’s available for parents. 

Weekends have been busy with gymnastics, a birthday party at Boda Borg, dinner with friends and Guatemala Girls. 

Sunday 9/12 before heading out to meet up with her old gymnastics teammates at Boda Borg for Autumn’s birthday.
Ally got pretty hot and tired and came home early.

But sat down and did her homework!

School drop off.

Mail is always fun. Especially when it’s a card and some money for school clothes!

Morning snuggles with Daisy are always good.

Walking to meet up with friends at school.

Ally had no school on Thursday September 16 for Yom Kippur. She and I played Uno for a while.

And she gamed with Becky.

We also played Scattergories.

On Friday I took Daisy with me to pick up Ally at school. She stayed late after practice to have dinner on campus and hang out for a while.

Saturday morning clothes try on. Thanks Great Aunt Martha & Uncle Phil for the new shirt and pants. Ally loves them. She picked out a “shacket” too but it was too big so we sent that back and she used the money on Sunday shopping with Guatemala Girls.

Flare jeans that fit! And are the correct length for her! thank you Gap for your girls line.

Saturday Ally went to gymnastics it was the first time in a long time. Probably 6 weeks. She stayed for half of practice. 
She made a big decision this week to NOT compete this year. Just to try and attend 2 practices a week to maintain some of her skills and focus on school and rest and her own health and well being.  We are really proud of her. 
She met with her volleyball coach and asked to leave practice early 1 day a week to attend gymnastics practice. (Yes it’s ok to do that.) 

Saturday night we went to Erik’s house for dinner with our Newtowne friends. Ally and Erik watched a movie and when we got home there was a giant bug on Ally's side of the car so she climbed into the driver seat to get out. While she was there we adjusted the seat so she could see what it feels like. And make sure she can see. She can, she said it was embarrassing how far up she had to put the seat.  In 14 months she can drive. 

When we got home Ally opened the Fab Fit Fun box. It was filled with some really neat stuff.

And an adorable can of nonalcoholic beer. 

Cloey loved the packaging for the throw blanket.

Sunday was Guatemala Girls. I asked Ally to pose in front of the morning glories. Every morning Ally comments on how pretty they are. But it was too sunny for Ally to see let alone smile. 

It was a beautiful day to meet up with friends at an outdoor mall. The girls had a lot of fun.

When we got home Ally did her homework. 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

September 5-11, 2021

Beth’s birthday, Labor Day, the start of school and the anniversary of 9/11 it’s been an emotional week. 

These are frequent sites;
Cloey waiting for Becky to drop  food.

Ally squeezing Daisy tight 

With back to school and Delta here we decided we should stock up on supplies. A rather large delivery arrived Monday morning and Becky and I put that away.

Ally and I did a puzzle.

Beth came over so we could celebrate her birthday. 

They played Splendor.

Lobster rolls, homemade slaw for dinner.

Ally took a break instead of eating dinner with us. 

But came down to play uno after dinner. We had so much fun. 

Peach pie ala mode for dessert. 

We sang with Debbie and Dave on Facetime with us.

That’s Debbie!

Aunt and niece photo!

Later that night we watched a GI Joe movie. 

Tuesday, the night before school started Becky and Ally had some special treats; school themed cookies and a 

A gift bag of miniature school supplies for Ally.

Wednesday was the first day of High School for Ally.

I sent her a snap chat to check in and she actually wrote me back! School lunch is provided and she had French fries, corn and grapes for lunch. We are really working on eating. It’s not going great. But it was only the first week of school.

2 thumbs up from Ally as to how the 1st day was.

Thursday was Becky’s first day teaching. This is her all dressed up for work.

Friday! TGIF. Ally had plans to attend an evening school event after practice which would have meant she was gone from 8am until 930pm. I asked for this picture so I could remember what she looked like. That was a long time to be away! 

Ultimately she texted and asked me to come pick her up after practice, and not attend the social function. She was tired. 

And she was, I found her asleep 20 minutes after she got home. I woke her up soon after and she got ready for bed. At 7pm she got ready for bed. 
She had some dinner and went to sleep early.  She was texting with school friends and in really good spirits. 

Saturday morning we finished our puzzle.

And it was a relaxed day at home. Until the evening, when Ally headed back to school for a movie night. She got home around 11pm.

Fun week. Lots of change and adjusting to do.