Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Yesterday Ally started attending an outpatient day clinic at Boston Children's Hopsital. It was a pretty difficult decision for Becky and I to enroll Ally in this program, on pain management. But Ally has been in pain, constant daily pain, since October. It got better for a while and then in early December it got worse and has been persistent and frustrating and painful. 

So this beautiful, strong, brave, kind, smart and innocent 9 year old, who visited the Easter Bunny last week 

Is this week taking a break from school to spend 8 hours a day in various therapies to enable her to be a kid again.  Yesterday Becky and I took the day off and brought Ally to the clinic and spent the morning there meeting her new attending physician, her psychologist, her occupational therapist, her recreational therapist and her new physical therapist. Oh and the nurse who staffs the program. We arrived at 8am and left Ally at 1130. We returned to pick her up at 345. Today and for every week day for the next 3-6 weeks I will bring Ally to the hospital at 8:00am and return at 3:00pm. From 3-4 are family sessions, twice a week family counseling and the other 3 days physical or occupational or recreational therapy together. Becky was able to work her school schedule to be there for the counseling sessions, and might be able to make a few of the others as well. In addition on Wednesday I will attend parent education sessions from 12-3pm. 

A huge time investment. Thankfully our health insurance pays for the program itself. But this is an amazing place, and Ally needs this to learn how to deal with her pain and resume her pain-free life. 

Ally is doing pretty well with it. It's hard for all of us. But for this girl I'd do anything

Even let her fall asleep sleeping lengthwise across the bed. I did move her eventually. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Day

Easter morning started early. Ally texted me from the top bunk of her bed (Grandma Debbie was sleeping on the bottom bunk) at 530AM to say "I know its too early to get up, but I need to go to the bathroom" So she snuck in our room, to go, and then was back in bed. An hour later she texted again "Can I get up now?" I said give us 15 minutes and then yes.

 She was so excited!
And then she read the note from the Easter Bunny:
 Last night Ally had left a note for the bunny, and a bowl of carrots.

She was thrilled that he wrote back and that there were 29 eggs for her to find!

Cloey and Mama watched the hunt.

A family picture with 29 eggs.

Ally made cards for Grandma Debbie, Aunt Beth and Mama. She wrote out a bunch of Easter jokes, and there were quite the hit. 

 After the egg hunt and basket opening, there was cuddle time on the couch watching The Chipmunks. 

The Easter Bunny did not forget Cloey either - she got a new dog bed, some tennis balls and a bunny chew toy.

Becky made pancakes for breakfast - some were even bunny shaped.

 My beautiful daughter before church.

Our family at home after church.

It was sunny so we tired some pictures outside - but Ally kept squinting. 
She loves this silly one of her and Debbie:

Time to show off the house and the food:

The group from top left clockwise:
Charlotte, Stella, Sonya, Ally, Maya, River, Lila, Khai, Violet, Aiden & Liem. Andy was not interested in hunting eggs. 

And they were off hunting the 260+ eggs we hid.

Andy watched his friends hunting.
I was really proud of Ally for sharing some of her eggs with him. Gradually all the other kids did as well. 

 Hanh and Nancy

Shannon, Atwood & Andrew


It was a great party. After the egg hunt, it was back inside for a delicious pot luck meal, and lots of adults talking and kids playing. At one point 8 kids were playing sardines INSIDE our house.
So much friendship. We are very lucky.

And so much love on this Easter day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A day of 3 firsts

Saturday we were scheduled to do something with Alice. She was sick the week before and couldn't join us for the Guat Girls Easter fun. Ally and I were kind of play-dated out, so I suggested we meet at the mall for some shopping and dinner. That was first #1, a trip to the mall with a friend.

Ally was so excite! This is her excited face.

In the dressing room at Nordstrom. They tried on so many things and each found an outfit she liked. We put them on hold, to decide at the end if they really wanted them. 
First #2 was here as well, Ally is sporting a new undergarment!

They loved this rainbow couture dress.

The girls walked around the mall holding hands.

At Jcrew of all places they found a Best Friends necklace, the kind that each friend wears half of the heart. Of course I bought it for them. How could I not. Necklace $12.50, memories of that necklace, priceless. 

We had a snack, did some more shopping and ended up having dinner at a popular Asian style restaurant. The girls were a little crazy by then. 

After dinner Ally's pain started to kick in and she sat down every chance she got. 

Until we were back at Nordstrom and she found some high heel sandals. 

First #3, her first pair of high heels. Ally is sporting the tan leather sandals (her feet are on the left). Everyone in the shoe department watched the two of them strut around in their heels. 

Above are the heeled booties that Ally fell in love with. I said NO to buying boots in March, but we took a picture to look for this exact pair next Fall for school. 

Matching up their necklaces, and saying goodbye after a fun day. 

At home Becky was a bit stunned by the transformation in our daughter. She left a girl and came back a pre-tween! 

She even had the hand on hip pose down.
It was a super fun day, with memories made. Aice's mom sent me this picture:

This is Alice in red and Ally on the day they met for the first time at our local neighborhood park in October of 2007. Alice was 13 months and Ally was 11 months old. They have grown up so much!