Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Growing Up

Not quiet 11 but old enough to go in and buy frozen yogurt, or fro-yo as she calls it, all by herself.

After school Ally asked if we could go get fro yo. It's her favorite treat. We have a local shop in Harvard Square. Parking can be tough so I pulled up about 10 yards away and sent her in with cash to buy herself some. 

She ran across the street so fast I couldn't snap a picture of that, but here she is walking towards the car with her fro-yo.

Her standard is the original flavor, which is tart vanilla with gummy bears and chocolate chips.

 What a happy girl.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The usual

Ally received a set of the Hunger Games trilogy and tonight she finished book 1! To our surprise she really liked it. 

She's read most of it at bedtime over the last week. She's starting to stay up late reading. It's so hard to discourage her from reading and insist she go to sleep when she is this excited about a book.

Ally is really into reading right now. She and her friends have been going to the library before school. The librarian has been suggesting books and Ally's having so much fun. 

Eating her favorite pizza with her dog in her lap.
Ally got this really fun bag from her friend Khai in London. 

Ally went to Alice's birthday party.
She's definitely got some attitude. She has her ears plugged so she can't hear me sing along to the music in the car.

Ballet had a parent watch class. Becky took these to show me. We just love to see Ally dance. She is so beautiful and graceful and elegant.

And oh so fashion conscious right now.