Saturday, February 29, 2020

Middle School Dance

7th Grade Dance #2

It's a busy time...gymnastics is in full Spring. We just started some intense counseling to help with some mental health issues and of course the Middle School Dance takes place.

There has been a a lot of drama surrounding this dance with Ally and her friends. Who would hang out together before and after the dance, friend groups are shifting. It's all drama and more drama. And not very helpful when one pretty special 13 year old is already struggling.

But Ally did have a couple of girlfriends come over before the dance, and she came home with Olive (and Olive's parents after the dance).

Xela, Daniela and Olive came over to hang out before the dance, Olive went home to get ready, and Ally, Xela and Daniela walked over to her house and then they all went to the dance together. It is nice to live so close to school.

Ally and Xela put on fake nails - and Becky and I were really glad to have the bathroom on the 3rd floor now (and that we used composite stone for the countertop rather than real marble when they got nail glue all over the counter!!!!).

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Arizona Trip

Winter break was last week. We took a short trip to Arizona. 
We saw UCLA vs Arizona State college gymnastics Meet.
We stayed at a fabulous resort and spent some time with Aunt Suzie and Gruncle.

Family selfie from the plane 

It was Valentines Day when we left. Ally got that sweatshirt and some fun stuff;

Love T shirt, Vans socks, a Vans wallet and some candy.

Ally wore her UCLA pajamas to bed 

We got front row seats!!!!

We ate dinner at our hotel, and Becky had a Bison Burger and Prickly Pear margarita.

Gorgeous sunny weather! 

Ally and Becky enjoyed the pool.

I enjoyed relaxing poolside.

Ally started watching a new series, Riverdale.

We ordered pizza for dinner, this is Ally’s.

After dinner we went for a walk and tried to take a family selfie. 

And Ally humored me with a handstand pose.

The next day we waited at the pool for Aunt Suxie and Gruncle to arrive.

Ally read and played on her phone.

Finally! Ping pong with Aunt Suzie!!!

Sometimes Ally looks like a 13 year old.

The next day, our last we floated down the lazy river.

More handstands and checked out some crazy chairs.

Our final morning, this is the view from our room balcony.

When we got home Ally was reunited with Daisy.

And finally gave Becky her Valentine card.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Another Gymnastics Meet!

Mardi Gras 2/9/2020

Floor 8.6

Vault 8.5

Bars 9.025

Beam 8.6 

AA 34.725 

And professional pictures!

Fun with teammates before the start.

So elegant 

Toes pointed all the time


Ally came in 5th in bars and 8th All Around. 

And her team came in 1st place!!!

Ally was so happy to place all around! 

Her old teammates from her old gym were there too. Caroline and Hannah.

Lots of trophies!

And pizza for lunch with lots of teammates after the meet.

And the next day before school.