Friday, May 26, 2017

It's been a year

Today I brought Ally to her one year check up at the Pain Clinic. It's actually been almost 13 months since she was a part of the 4 week out patient program. Amazing. Grateful. Lucky. These are words that describe how it felt. Proud and Happy are there too. So is Relieved. 

Ally is fully back to being her extraordinary self. The PT told us she never had a patient score so high on the evaluation test as Ally did today. Ally is a true success story for them and it was a honor to be there with Ally and see the staff look at her and feel validated in all the hard work they do. Everyone told me, asked me many times to continue to send pictures and videos of Ally. I have done that with an update a couple of times, and it was clear today that it is appreciated. They asked us to keep in touch. I will. It's the least I can do for these amazing people who worked with Ally thru such a difficult time. 

Her psychologist told me today that Ally seemed so confident. And it's true, Ally does seem more confident lately. 

Posing under her ceiling tile. As we walked out of the hospital Ally asked if she could come back and visit. I said yes. I asked her if it felt good to make so many people happy, and have so many people proud of her her accomplishments and hard work. She said it did. 

We had lunch out at a restaurant just the two of us and her kids meal came with an ice cream sandwich for dessert. 
After lunch on the way to the car she said "that was really nice" my heart melted a little. It was nice. 

She is growing up so much.

All smiles on the way to school one morning.

Posing in clothes Great Aunt a Martha got her on February when we were in Florida. This was obviously on one of the few warm days we've had recently. It's been a cold May.

But she is still goofy and does things like pick up our 20 pound cat Carl. 

I am so very lucky to be Ally's mommy.