Tuesday, March 21, 2017

4th Meet of the Season

Last weekend Ally's gymnastics club hosted a meet. I had volunteered as the "volunteer co-chair" which meant I spent all weekend at the gym. Literally. Friday set up 430-800pm. Saturday 730am-630pm and Sunday 730am-100pm, then home to get Ally ready for her competition and then back to the gym 400-830pm.
I was SUPER tired by the end of the weekend. A huge thanks to Grandma Debbie for flying in for a long weekend. She was able to see the meet, and spend lots of time with Ally.

We just took video of this meet but got a wonderful picture afterwards and before.
 Ally rode to the meet with me in my car, and Becky and Debbie drove separately. I was going to have to stay late and help out with clean up. It was FANTASTIC - Ally was great on the way to the meet. The past couple of meets she has gotten sick or yucky feeling with nerves in the car but not this time. She was excited and feeling good.

Judging was much tighter than the last meet (we missed that one in Florida) and it seemed the strictest judging all year. Ally said that her coach told them as the year progresses the judges get harder but even she was confused by her low floor score. But all of the competitors had low scores. And Ally was thrilled with how she did. We are so very proud of her. She works so hard and takes her roll on the team seriously. She placed 3 in the all around for her age group.
 Here she is with her trophy and her medals! 

This meet had a Beach Party theme and at the end of the competition each team dressed up, Ally's team were lifeguards! So cute.

Scores this week:
Vault 9.2
Bars 9.15
Beam 9.125
Floor 8.65

I learned a lot this weekend spending so much time at the meet, and talking with so many other parents. It was a really good time.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend with Beth

Beth came to visit for the weekend. She is such a good Aunt. She made flight reservations a couple months ago, for a weekend visit just to spend time with us - mostly Ally and Becky. But I think she likes me a little bit too after all these years.

It was a very relaxing weekend for us.
We watched Moana on Friday night at home with nachos for dinner and popcorn in front of the TV.
Saturday Ally has gymnastics practice and Becky and Beth went to a yoga class. I did some shopping, mostly for supplies for the afternoon projects.
 Friday night - Ally and Cloey.
It was a gymnastics filled Saturday. Ally has been into NCAA gymnastics this winter. We watch it like many people watch football or baseball. It is Ally's sport after all. And she loves it. She has 2 favorite teams - University of Florida Gators and the UCLA Bruins. She asked for  a UCLA sweatshirt - and wore it and new UCLA pajamas I got her all weekend. It is not only college basketball March madness its also gymnastic conference tournament time. Saturday afternoon Ally and I watch some SEC conference and Becky and Beth made these cute Easter Bunny treat bags.

 Eventually Ally laid down for a nap - it was a deal - she had to rest for a long time if she wanted to stay up and watch UCLA live - it started at 9pm - and went until 1130pm.

 when Ally woke up she drew the faces on the bunnies

 then she got a sewing lesson from Aunt Beth. They made 2 sleeping bags for Ally's American Gi.rl Dolls

 the 4 of us are going to Guatemala this summer, and we did some planning this weekend. just need reservations now and we will be all set. But in talking Beth said she had never made tortillas, so Becky made them fresh for dinner, and I made rice beans and Guacamole. YUMMY dinner.

The sisters working on the tortillas. 

 Ally in her UCLA pjs
And staying up late watching her team in the meet. UCLA did not win- and in fact they had a pretty terrible meet for them. But Ally said it was still worth it.