Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good Bye Tooth #8

Ally lost another tooth today! At camp during rest time. 

Coincidentally she had her 6 month dentist checkup and cleaning yesterday. All is good. Dentist said after this 4th lost tooth this summer it will be a few years befor Ally looses any more teeth. And it will take about 6 months for these 4 grown up teeth to start to come in! Guess we should get used to her new look.
No cavities, which was great. And while we all agree, even Ally, that she will probably need braces in the future to straighten her teeth, it looks there is enough room in her mouth for her teeth. Turns out her teeth are small just like the rest of her. Perfectly proportioned I should say. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Birthday Party


Liem’s little sister Khai turned 6 this week. Khai is at summer camp with Ally this year, and the girls have been having fun getting to know each other a little better.


There was lots of bubble fun. Stella was catching them with her hands.


Ally still loves bubbles.

Flashback pictures from 2008:

BubbleDress1Chasing bubbles


The cake was pretty clever in the shape of the # 6.


But most touching of all is that Khai made sure there was a frosting-less cupcake for Ally. At 6 years old she remembered that Ally isn’t a fan of frosting and she made sure to leave a cupcake unfrosted on the display and told everyone it was for Ally.


Ally ate every bite of her unfrosted blue cupcake.


Relaxing on the tennis table with Stella and the birthday girl Khai.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Saturday Fun Day

Ally’s friend Olive got a new puppy last week – a Chihuahua mix named Rita.


Puppy love.


We had to go meet Rita right away, so even though she was at the Tiny Hanger shop with Olive and her mom, off we went for a visit. The girls were so excited about the puppy. Ally even cleaned up Rita’s pee and poop from the store room floor when they were playing with her.


Then later that day we gave Ally a mermaid tail. She has been watching TV shows about girls with special powers who turn into mermaids H2O is the name of it. So we thought we would let her try it out but with out the  magic powers.



Ally loved it! Becky brought her to the pool and reported Ally was loving it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

3rd tooth of the summer lost!

Yesterday Ally lost a tooth while at gymnastics practice! It was very wiggly before practice, and we tried to get her to pull it out, but she said it hurt.

Then about half way thru practice right before she was about to do a tumbling pass with her round-off back handspring she ran up to her coach with her tooth her in her hand! They all clapped for Ally. Ally promptly brought me her tooth. I wrapped it in tissue and put it in my purse.

When we got home I took out the wrapped tooth and put it on the table. Becky thought it was trash and threw it in the kitchen trash can! Ally cried until Becky dug thru the trash to find the tissue and rescue the tooth.

After all that, the Tooth Fairy did come and left some extra special.


A dollar bill and a new Bea.nie Boo animal.


3 missing teeth! One more to go for a symmetrical smile. Its loose now so its only a matter of time. Ally is thrilled about all this, because she is now catching up to her friends who have lost so many teeth.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Last Night with Cousins

My cousin Kimn and her two sons have been in Boston for the past 3 plus weeks. Jesse is 11 and Justin is 18. They have stayed with us off and on since June 18 when they arrived from Hawaii.

On their last weekend in town they stayed with us again. We had dinner and fun at the park.


Pre-dinner mancala games. Ally beat both boys.



After dinner at the park:




ping pong!


slide races between brothers



Ally pushed Jesse on the swing.


She was thrilled with it


A trip thru the fountain on the way home to cool off!

Monday, July 13, 2015

First Sleep Over

Ally was invited to spend the night at her friend LouLou's house. Ally was thrilled and excited. We talked all week long about how she could come home or call us and what she should do if she was worried or scared. 
She did great.
She had a fun time. 
Stayed up till midnight. 
Slept thru the night.

All packed and ready to go.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

World Cup Soccer–the Women

One of the interesting things of raising a strong athletic daughter is that to her women and girls being successful at sports is not a big deal. There are an amazing amount of impressive women athletes and in her short lifetime she has been able to witness much success; the London Olympics where USA swimmers conquered the pool, the USA women’s gymnastics team won gold in team and all-around. We watched winter Olympics and saw skiers and skaters  and other women athletes win too. And this year, the USA women won the World Cup!

I love having so much positive athletics to show and inspire Ally with. For the final game I got us all shirts to cheer on USA with. Ally got an official team jersey, Becky an official USA soccer t-shirt, and I juts got a USA flag shirt.


Ally put her hair up in a pony tail (like the players) after her shower, and started a letter to Lauren.


Here she is before the game started in her jersey.


Goals 1 and 2


Goals 3 & 4 – even Beth was getting in o n the cheering and excitement.


Goal 5 was amazing.



So excited and concentrated and focused.


But then it was over – and pure joy. They won!


A before bed picture with mommy and Cloey.