Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tuesday night Ally needed a shower. She was reluctant, so I offered to let her take the beach ball Aunt Beth brought her - it was a big hit. She had a blast in the shower - she kept drinking the water and laughing hysterically as it went up her nose and as she slurped it down.

For any other parents out there with reluctant bathers, the shower has been a huge improvement for us - the handheld shower head rests in the tub and it makes the whole thing much easier, faster, and more fun for Ally. Which means it is much more fun for us!

Thanks Michelle G. for suggesting it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Noodle Necklace

Aunt Beth came to visit this weekend - just for 1 day and night but it was still lots of fun even if it was a short stay. We're glad she lives close enough to come. Ally was super excited to see Aunt Beth and on Saturday morning they made a noodle necklace! I thought that was pretty fitting since we painted our bedroom this weekend and the color is called Noodle!

Here is Ally with a big cheesy smile wearing her noodle necklace.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm so excited

Please note that this is a post from last month that I did not get up on the internet. We've been really busy lately. Becky is back at work, I'm cutting back my hours, and tomorrow Ally starts preschool. I'm so glad my mom is here to help us out this week or I would be crazy. Of course I'll have first day of school pictures and more from AZ to post. But here is the post from August 20, 2009:
As the summer winds down and Becky is treasuring her last few days with Ally she is trying to do fun stuff with Ally everyday. One day they went to the zoo - just the two of them. When she told Ally they were going to the zoo Ally ran around in a circle in the house yelling "I'm so excited...going to the zoo".

Of course a trip to zoo includes a ride on the carousel. Ally can hold on all by herself now.

The lion was out on the rock looking majestic.

The gorillas were playing and being goofy as usual.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday Fun

The weather here has been super hot lately. It was such a cold and rainy June and July was not much better but now August is trying to make up for it. Last weekend we went to the LL Bean store to stay cool and check out the end of summer sales. We each got something new at bargain prices! Ally took this picture of me while I was trying on the shirt. Its the one I ended up buying. And yes I bring a camera almost every where - you never know when a photo op will appear! Ally found my camera in my bag and started taking pictures of me. It occupied her for quite awhile so Becky and I could try on clothes.

Later in the day, after dinner when it had cooled off we went to the park. We told Ally she could either have pony tails in her hair or a hat. All afternoon she refused either one so we stayed in the house, but after dinner she picked a hat - her pink Yankees baseball hat. I was so proud!

At the park Ally showed off her pumping skills. Yes this under 3 year old peanut has learned how to pump on the swings! She still wants a push to get started and she tires easily but she can keep herself going for a while. Above legs bent...

Then straight out as she pumps!
I love this picture with Becky in the background.

A back shot to show off the hat.

Ally is getting so big. I can hardly believe she starts pre-school in a month. When we talk about mama (Becky) going to work soon and how she is a teacher Ally says" Ally is getting big...Ally is going to at pre-school" She is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her.
We are all a little apprehensive about this new phase of life we're embarking on but very excited about it too. It feels like its time for this change.
Becky goes back to work September 1. Ally and I will travel to AZ for a few days to see my Aunt and Uncle and when we get back I'll take some time off and babysitters will cover the time. Then my mom, Grandma Barbie, is coming to stay with us for a week until preschool really gets started on September 21.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bouncy House

Two weeks ago we drove to New Jersey to visit with some very old friends of mine for the weekend. They had a bouncy house in their back yard! At first Ally was hesitant - there were a few older kids and so she was not so into it. But when the house was empty (all the other kids were eating dinner) Ally ventured in all by herself. She had a blast!

Thank-you Doug and Jackie for hosting such a wonderful get together.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Think She's Almost 3...

Yesterday morning we told Ally that Mama (Becky) would take Ally to the aquarium. She was extremely excited (she loves to go to the aquarium) and did her usual "I don't want to eat breakfast because we are going to the aquarium and I want to go NOW!" business. Thankfully, she understood that it wasn't open yet...she ate a few bites.

So, we walk up to the T (Boston's subway), a big excitement in and of itself for Ally, get to the aquarium at about 9:30. We go in, see some penguins, then Ally wants to go see some sharks...and from there, everything else I suggested we see or direction we walk in was met with a big "NO". In all fairness, she's been a bit under the weather, but oh boy, there were a lot of no's! I managed to keep her somewhat happily entertained until 10:15 at the aquarium - the touch pool had a lot to do with that.

So...what really made Ally's day yesterday?

1. Getting her hand stamped at the aquarium. She wouldn't let me hold that hand while we walked around.
2. Going for a bagel after the aquarium - "Big bagel, please Mama!" (don't have them cut it!)

3. Riding the T. (Going on the "choo-choo train")

We did have a fun morning, and yes, Ally still loved to see the fish at the aquarium. It is pretty awesome to have a membership (thanks again Aunt Beth) because a 45 minute trip would be pretty depressing if I had paid full admission!
It also makes me really appreciate living where we live. It's pretty awesome to be at all able to go to a museum for 45 minutes and not have shot 2 hours on travel time - and to have gotten there and back for a couple bucks in train fare.

On another note, Ally had a doctor's appointment and she is almlost 25 pounds now (24 lbs, 15 oz) and 34 3/4" tall. Wow- she really is getting to be a "big girl". Clean bill of health and all ready for preschool next month!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Retro Look

Today was a steamy day - I think we hit 90 degrees. So this morning I dressed Ally in an outfit from my cousin Dan. I think he picked it out with my Aunt Martha, but I have been saving it for an especially hot day. Ally loved it! A creeper with pockets. Its been saved since Ally's homecoming party!

The other moms at the park all commented on how they had one when they were little - a one-piece terry cloth short outfit. How retro! Thanks Family for the great gift!

Getting ready to go to the park!

Pointing at the water - she still won't willingly go into the play fountain.

Being goofy as we walk home!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Bar B Q

It feels like this summer we have a barbeque to go to almost every weekend. I am not complaining at all - its fun and Ally considers everyone of them a party and wears a dress and gets all excited. This weekend's party had a "decorate your own cookie" table. Ally loved it!

Starting in on the cookie. No the dog did not eat any of it.

Beautifully decorated with m-n-ms and sprinkles! Mid way thru.

Almost done. Yes she ate the whole thing! And she let me put 4 barrettes in her hair! 2 on each side. I had to take a picture to commemorate it! I found the striped ones at Target and they actually stay in and she likes them a lot. And the other 2 are from England. Thanks Grandma Barbie. Ally thought it was great that her barrettes came from England - "like Noah" she said. Her friend Noah is in England right now (where he is from) with his mom Ally talks about him in England quite often.

Inside the party house there a was beach ball attached to an elastic string. Ally thought it was the best thing ever. Tether ball for toddlers - brilliant!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gotta Love "Hand Me Downs"

This adorable towel was from my boss and his family. Thanks!