Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm so excited

Please note that this is a post from last month that I did not get up on the internet. We've been really busy lately. Becky is back at work, I'm cutting back my hours, and tomorrow Ally starts preschool. I'm so glad my mom is here to help us out this week or I would be crazy. Of course I'll have first day of school pictures and more from AZ to post. But here is the post from August 20, 2009:
As the summer winds down and Becky is treasuring her last few days with Ally she is trying to do fun stuff with Ally everyday. One day they went to the zoo - just the two of them. When she told Ally they were going to the zoo Ally ran around in a circle in the house yelling "I'm so excited...going to the zoo".

Of course a trip to zoo includes a ride on the carousel. Ally can hold on all by herself now.

The lion was out on the rock looking majestic.

The gorillas were playing and being goofy as usual.

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Mama Bear said...

Great pictures and what a gorgeous big smile on Ally's beautiful face!