Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday Fun

The weather here has been super hot lately. It was such a cold and rainy June and July was not much better but now August is trying to make up for it. Last weekend we went to the LL Bean store to stay cool and check out the end of summer sales. We each got something new at bargain prices! Ally took this picture of me while I was trying on the shirt. Its the one I ended up buying. And yes I bring a camera almost every where - you never know when a photo op will appear! Ally found my camera in my bag and started taking pictures of me. It occupied her for quite awhile so Becky and I could try on clothes.

Later in the day, after dinner when it had cooled off we went to the park. We told Ally she could either have pony tails in her hair or a hat. All afternoon she refused either one so we stayed in the house, but after dinner she picked a hat - her pink Yankees baseball hat. I was so proud!

At the park Ally showed off her pumping skills. Yes this under 3 year old peanut has learned how to pump on the swings! She still wants a push to get started and she tires easily but she can keep herself going for a while. Above legs bent...

Then straight out as she pumps!
I love this picture with Becky in the background.

A back shot to show off the hat.

Ally is getting so big. I can hardly believe she starts pre-school in a month. When we talk about mama (Becky) going to work soon and how she is a teacher Ally says" Ally is getting big...Ally is going to at pre-school" She is so proud of herself and we are so proud of her.
We are all a little apprehensive about this new phase of life we're embarking on but very excited about it too. It feels like its time for this change.
Becky goes back to work September 1. Ally and I will travel to AZ for a few days to see my Aunt and Uncle and when we get back I'll take some time off and babysitters will cover the time. Then my mom, Grandma Barbie, is coming to stay with us for a week until preschool really gets started on September 21.

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Unknown said...

I love the NY hat! This is such a great way to capture Ally growing up!