Monday, August 10, 2009

Retro Look

Today was a steamy day - I think we hit 90 degrees. So this morning I dressed Ally in an outfit from my cousin Dan. I think he picked it out with my Aunt Martha, but I have been saving it for an especially hot day. Ally loved it! A creeper with pockets. Its been saved since Ally's homecoming party!

The other moms at the park all commented on how they had one when they were little - a one-piece terry cloth short outfit. How retro! Thanks Family for the great gift!

Getting ready to go to the park!

Pointing at the water - she still won't willingly go into the play fountain.

Being goofy as we walk home!

1 comment:

Mama Bear said...

How fun. She is adorable with her "retro" look! Love those comfy sun clothes. Love the "funny" and "goofy" walk!!