Friday, August 26, 2022

Photo Shoot 2022

We scheduled a summer photo shoot this year and at Ally’s request it was “in nature”.

Here is a sampling of them:

This one is my favorite. I had to crop myself and Becky out but I think it really captures the essence of Ally. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Flagstaff August 19-23, 2022

We had a really wonderful time in Flagstaff. Cards, attempted a puzzle, games, lots of conversations, a visit to see Hopi ruins and a trip to Bearizona.

Our flight to Phoenix. Ally slept most of the way. When we got to Phoenix we were supposed to fly to Flagstaff but our flight was delayed for a few hours. So we rented a car and drove the 2 hours up. Up is literal. It’s a 6000 foot elevation difference between Phoenix and Flagstaff. Along the way I drove through a torrential rain storm. It was an experience Becky and Ally will not forget. 

Sunrise day 1.

Sunday (day 1) we attempted a puzzle.

Dressed up for dinner at the Club.

The view from of the Caldera 

Group selfie 

Aunt Suzie and Becky played 16 games of Spite & Malice. Becky won 13 of them.

Sunrise day 2

We went to Walnut Canyon.

It was really interesting and a bit challenging of a climb for Becky and me. 

But we made it! 
After the Canyon Aunt Suzie took us shopping and then we stopped at the house to pick up Gruncle. Becky and Suzie stayed behind. 

Bearizona. This was our 4th trip there and by far the best. It was Ally’s request that we go and it might be the highlight of my entire Summer. I drove our rental car and Gruncle sat in the backseat so Ally could have the front.

Reindeer with a giant rack of antlers.

The second reindeer on the right ran right by our open car door within inches of Ally. 

The Bison always majestic and huge

The big horn sheep had 2 babies. 

But the bears. They put on a show for us. On our first drive through we arrived at the Big Bear section just after feeding. And saw this scene above. That is 11 bears laying down along both sides of the road. 

They had feed, apples and an ear of corn. 

Ally was so happy. Genuine joy and delight is a rare sight in your teenager. It was so much fun to share this and experience this together. 

And a bear even pooped in front of the car! We have it on video.

This one played chicken with the car. I was honestly a little scared. It literally brushed the car on its way by us.

After 2 trips around in the car we parked and walked into the smaller exhibits.

Some junior aged bears were very excited to see us

Especially when Ally threw them this ear of corn. She fed a bear!

Some younger bears were dancing.

We posed for a picture. We saw, foxes, wolf pups, badgers, javelinas, otters, jaguars, and elk. It was just so much fun and not crowded at all.

And then drove around a 3rd time. 
Got this great close up of this Burro.

And of course more bears.

After Over 2 hours at Bearizona we went back home and then out to dinner. We celebrated my birthday. 

Becky gave Aunt Suzie IPhone tips.

Becky posing with her cards, which are all photos of Ally.

Obligatory group pictures.  

Which was a lovely way to end our trip.

Landing in Boston. Lots of travel for 3 nights but we all agreed it was totally worth it and we are already looking forward to next year.