Monday, May 20, 2019

Guatemala Girls- Gabi’s Birthday

Humoring me as always with my picture taking.

Such a good group.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ally’s Gymnastics Team

This year Ally and her teammates have really bonded. They actually enjoy each other and support one another. They also have fun and work hard.

These are from Stella’s sleepover birthday party.

Their coach has been on vacation and they took this picture of themselves and tagged their coach Vicky in their Instagram. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Mother’s Day 2019

Saturday night of Mother's Day weekend we met Alice and her mom Cheryl for dinner and some shopping.

It was a gorgeous night and we decided to take some pictures before dinner.

The next day on Mother’s Day, Becky and Ally and me all got mani-pedis. It was so nice.

Ally made us very nice cards and we had a low key family oriented day.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Life Lately

Life lately has been a bit bumpy. Ally's been super tired and after some medical tests and educational testing we've come to the conclusion that her anxiety is much worse than any of us thought. She's tired because anxiety is exhausting.
We had a great meeting with a team of teachers and professionals at her school last week and we are working on a plan to help her moving forward. Her therapist and pediatrician are also on board and working together to provide some assistance as well.
The really great news is that Ally is an excellent student and well liked by her teachers and classmates.

Our old condo is on the market and tomorrow we get to review any offers from people who want to buy it. Super exciting and super scary at the same time.

Ally's so happy to be home with her kitten and our dog and with her friends and team mates.

Above is taken when we got home from Florida. 

At night the animals wait at the door for Ally to come home from practice.

Then they surround her on the couch. And yes Cloey is eating paper - she chews from her anxiety at having to share Ally with Daisy the cat. This is after practice. 

 Same night as the previous picture. Ally was asleep within 20 minutes of getting home. I literally carried her upstairs to bed.
Yes - I can still carry my 12 year old daughter!

After Saturday morning practice - I brought them donuts to celebrate their skills test.

Kentucky Derby party with Willow and Colette

 Looking like the gown up tween she is. We went shopping for new shoes last week - she still fits in kids sizes, but those are platform Vans on her feet that make her one inch taller. She loves them.

And is too cool for her moms now!

On Sunday mornings Ally brings Daisy downstairs all wrapped up in a blanket.