Sunday, August 30, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 10

August 22-29, 2020

Summer continues at the strange pace of extremely slow and then feeling like where did the time go? It’s bizarre.  Another week of telehealth appointments, time with friends and Beth and lots of pet photos.

Sunday mornings always start with Becky and Beth on a hike with Cloey. This selfie is awesome!

Ally slept until cuddling Daisy.

On Monday Ally and I finished the puzzle we started last week. 

We also had 2 telehealth appointments; therapy and Ally’s Sports Medicine Orthopedist. She was great as usual, gave us lots of advice and asked that we follow up later in the week. In August Ally has had a Rheumatology, Neurology and Orthopedic telehealth in addition to her usual 3xweek therapy and semi-weekly psychiatry appointments. I’m getting to be a skilled medical assistant managing the technology for all of the required camera work! 
All kidding aside it’s a lot of appointments and Ally is working very hard on her mental and physical health.

Monday evening she was thrilled that an IPSY package came.

She loves the rose colored silk sleep package of pillow case, mask and scrunchie.

Tuesday morning I found her and Daisy like this.
Tuesday Ally went again to running club. In her boot! Beth took her so Becky and I could do another telehealth and host some friends for drinks and dessert. 
Ally did a core workout while the kids ran. Crunches, lemon squeezes, V-ups and more. She had it planned out and did it. 2 parents told me how impressed they were with her positive attitude and dedication to working out. 

Wednesday there was a pool party for Ally’s teammate Autumn. 

Can you tell they had a blast?

They also recorded a message for their old coach Vicky.

Selfie Ally took at the pool. She truly doesn’t know how beautiful she is.

Becky spent all of Thursday cooking. 
She made ham/leek/gruyere quiche, salsa and potato leek soup. 

That’s the salsa all ready to cook on the stove. Becky’s homemade salsa is delicious.

Thursday night another running club, Camila and Lizzie did conditioning with Ally.

Thanks for the new shirt Great Aunt Martha and Uncle Phil!

Friday Ally picked out these new prints for the 3rd floor.

And Beth came over with the finished futon cover!!! Ally is so happy. It looks fantastic! (The prints will go over the futon.)

A rare moment of pet harmony.

The weather was cooler this week and Cloey enjoys this spot in the sun.

Friday night was volleyball. Yes that is Ally on the left playing in her boot.

Sitting with friends.

The gang of boys. 

Saturday was a rough day. Ally had a terrible bout of heartburn. So bad she was crying and screaming in pain. After 20 minutes and 2 Tums with no relief we called the pediatrician. After 20 more minutes the pain was less and more bearable. It was at an 8/10 and had decreased to a 5/10 and within 90 minutes was virtually gone. But it was hard. Hard for Ally to be in such big pain. Hard for us to help her and see her hurting. The rest of the day was recovering from the trauma. Ally stayed in bed watching Vampire Diaries, well to be accurate she is rewatching the series. She loves it. This week I started finding quizzes on the internet about the show “which character are you most like”... “how well do you know the show” those kind of quizzes. And Ally loves to take them. It’s so cute.

It was a bit scary for a while and it took us all most of the day to feel better. 

I joked to Becky that now during COVID I’ve had to call Urgent Care for Becky who had terrible pain and it turned out to be a gas bubble and now Ally in terrible pain and it was heartburn. Clearly I have some digestive challenged family members. 

So the cute end of post photo is Cloey this week, with a corn husk. Our Quarenteam Friend Kim brought us some corn from the farmers market and Cloey found a stray husk. She was not fond of the taste and soon spit it out. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Summer Vacation Week 9

August 16-22, 2020

It’s weird because Becky only has 1 week of Summer vacation left (she starts back September 1) but sally has 3+ weeks left. Ally’s first day will be September 16. There are still so many unanswered questions about what school will look like this year that it is pretty frustrating. But our family goal is that 8th grade be a restorative year for Ally. And that can happen no matter how or where she goes to school. 

Ally started back at practice with not so great results. But the good news is that she is working thru her anxiety and went. She did it!  We continue to try and see friends every week. 

Sunday morning post hike. Beth came over to take specific measurements for the futon cover. Becky provided color commentary.

Then Becky spent the next several hours in bed playing Minecraft with Ally. Ally was recovering from her day trip to the Cape with her teammates. 

Eventually Ally got up, showered and ate some dinner. And shared some of her rotisserie chicken with Daisy.

Monday Ally went to practice. For an hour for the first time since the end of June.

Afterwards there was a brief birthday party in the parking for Eliana. 
Ally said it was rough. Emotionally and physically to be there. 

We didn’t realize how hard physically until Tuesday morning when her ankle was swollen and hurting a lot.

I read a book outside on the porch while Becky got her haircut.

Tuesday evening Ally again went to running club. She didn’t actually run, because of her ankle but she really enjoyed seeing so many friends from school.

Thursday and the ankle was still not good. Ally spent a lot of time in bed icing her ankle. She perked up when some new clothes we had ordered arrived. 
Ally and I joined some friends for lunch in the park and then she went to “running club” Thursday evening. 

I sat in the park parking lot and read my book completely out of sight of Ally and her friends. Everyone had to run but Ally, bc of her ankle. But she did play some of their football game. That is her in the green shirt. 

That is Ellie helping Ally to elevate her ankle after playing a little bit. Pictures courtesy of Sophocles’ mom Angelita.

But it was clear Thursday night that Ally’s ankle was not getting better. It hurt so much she couldn’t sleep. We were up until 300am. And it continued to be swollen and discolored. I emailed her pediatrician who told us to go ahead and take her into Orthopedics.  So Ally and I went to Children’s hospital to get her ankle X-ray and diagnosis. Above is me in the waiting area of radiology.

Officially it is  a “Right ATFL + CFL sprain + ? distal fibula fracture” basically she sprained her ankle and possibly has a fracture. She is supposed to wear the boot for 2 weeks and follow up with her usual Sports Medicine orthopedist. We have a telehealth scheduled with that doctor on Monday. In the meantime it’s lots of rest, ice Ibuprofen and boot with some crutches.

Friday after the hospital visit Ally and I watched The Fault in Our Stars. We had listened to the audio book during the week. 

Friday night was actually another movie marathon for us. After Fault In Our Stars we watched Deep Blue Sea 3 and finally Independence Day. Another late night, 130am for Ally and me. Lots of cuddles with her pets.

This week Becky and I started rewatching the Harry Potter Movies which has been fun for us. Ally refuses to watch them. 

Saturday Ally spent all day in bed watching TV and then for dinner we went next door to Maya’s house with Olive’s family and had a nice time.

And of course they were Tik Tok-ing