Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Ally chose her costume over a month ago and thanks to Beth it fit perfectly!

A witch with a really tall hat (32”) and a sparkly dress.

IMG_0398 - CopyIMG_0392 - CopyIMG_0393 - Copy


IMG_0394 - CopyIMG_0401 - Copy


What’s Halloween without a jack o lantern?

IMG_5050IMG_5052IMG_0452 - Copy  IMG_0385

Ally designed the cat pumpkin today and the scary face a few days ago. Becky did the cutting.

Here are the party scene photos.

IMG_5075 - CopyIMG_7898 - CopyIMG_7903 - CopyIMG_7904 - CopyIMG_7905 - CopyIMG_7907 - Copy

IMG_0415 - CopyIMG_5072 - Copy

Yes Cloey was a witch too.

IMG_0417 - CopyIMG_0418 - CopyIMG_0420 - CopyIMG_0416

Ally placed the pumpkin decorations all around the kitchen – in drawers inside cabinets, over appliances, and my favorite was the sad one over the trash can.

IMG_5042IMG_5056 - Copy

Becky and I were tourists. It was scary how natural looking Becky was in this costume.

Party guests arrived at 430.


Ally and Stella.     Lily, Khai and Lila


Erik and his dad John.   Drew and Peter (aka Waldo & a Viking)


Gwei joined us again this year. Here she is in and out of her panda costume.

IMG_0441 - CopyIMG_7924

Cali & Millie and their mom Kristen.  Aiden, Ally and Liem – 3 of the original group! 8 years these three have spent Halloween together.


Ally, her friend Maya and Maya’s little sister Sonya were all witches. Lost of parents dressed up this year too. Drew, John and Ross (Waldo, shark and chicken).


Of course its not Halloween without the group shot on our front porch.


IMG_0451 IMG_7935 

Outside of our house – we put some lights up this year.  At the end of the evening, 3 of Ally’s school friends came to the house to trick or treat. Colette (panda), Ally, Willow (punk rocker), Catalina (Grecian).


Our family!

It was a fantastic Halloween. Ally collected 5 pounds of candy and we all had lots of fun.

But at the end of the evening Ally was happy to sit on the couch and watch TV.


Monday, October 26, 2015

Fashion Update

Ally's fashion is evolving. She still refuses jeans or anything that evenly resembles denim and comfort is still the major requirement. But colors and patterns they matter more, as does fit.

But the major news is that Ally has decided to grow out her bangs! Get used to headbands in most pictures for the next few months!

In a boho hippy style dress Ally picked out.

She still rocks dresses, leggings and boots. 

Becky brought home a pumpkin face cake one day. Just because. Because Ally asked for a cake.

Beautiful in red with special lip gloss!

Showing off her Uggs with Willow!

Loving a new dress from Great Aunt Martha!

Trying out a headband and fringe bangs.

Sporty exercise clothes for gym days.

Ally was in a hurry to complete her homework one day so she did it on the floor in the living room. Cloey curled right up with her chewing a bone.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

First sleep over birthday party

Last night Ally attended her very first sleep over birthday party. Her friend Maya turned 9 recently and hosted 9 friends for a sleep over. 
Ally was super excited!

And looked like she was going for a week long trip.

She kept telling me to stop taking pictures but I couldn't she was just so adorable walking around the corner to Maya's house.
When we got there she gave me a hug, said "see you tomorrow" and giggled. 
Ally sure is growing up.

Maya's mom sent this out later

Turns out the girls went to sleep at 12:30 and were up at 7am.
We drove to Grandma Barbie's house today so Ally got to nap in the car.

She said she had a great time.