Sunday, December 17, 2017

Meet 2 Level 4

Another great meet yesterday. Ally was feeling really crummy. Very bad sore throats in the morning before the meet and it was an early start. We had to be at the gym which was 30 minutes away at 7:30am! 
Meet 12/16/17
Beam 9.125
Floor 8.85
Vault 8.75
Bars 9.125
35.85 all around

Getting her to eat before the meet was tough. She tried to eat some frosted mini wheats at home but she said it hurt to much to swallow. In the car we harassed her and made her eat some cheerios and chocolate milk. And some Motrin. To take the edge off her sore throat. She had no fever and no other signs of illness and wanted to compete. Just didn't want to eat. But eat she must before the competition!

During the national anthem Ally and her teammates stood with one one over their hearts and the other on their teammate's shoulder. It was so touching. 

Ally's team is so large, 15 girls that they split into two groups. One group competes and the other warms up. Ally is always in the second group and this meet she competed last in 3 out of 4 events. 

Same rotation as last week: beam, floor, vault bars. 
If you want to watch the video of the meet email me and I'll send you a link. 

2nd place Vault!!! Her teammate was 1st place. 

1st place bars !!!

3rd place beam, and her teammate and carpool buddy Eliana was 5th!

5th place floor.

And 2nd place all around!!

Another great meet, and she had fun, which is all that matters. We've had a very social weekend and whenever someone asks about her meet she says "it was good" she is never boastful. We are so proud of how hard she works and so glad that hard work pays off. 

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