Friday, October 5, 2012

Open Gym Time


Last week Ally had a day off school, but Becky did not. So I took the day off and spent it with Ally. We went to Open Gym at her gymnastics gym. She was so excited about it. I was excited to go into the gym with her. We had the place practically to ourselves – there were only 3 other children there for the entire 90 minute session.


First up was the bar. I think taking pictures of gymnastics is tough – but I tried. Ally was pretty thrilled she could finally jump up and reach the bar – without needing a boost! She does chin ups from the low bar while the rest of her class has to do them from the high bar because they are all so much bigger than Ally.



Then some beam practice  - if you click to see th picture bigger you can see Ally beaming.

IMG_1612 IMG_1600 IMG_1602 IMG_1610

But I think the trampoline was Ally’s favorite thing that day. She jumped and jumped and jumped. It was such a pleasure to watch her.

It was also nice to get a chance to talk with her coach, Jenn. Jenn has been very patient with Ally who is not always thrilled to try something new. But Ally is getting braver every class and loving every minute of it.

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