Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it Ally or a beaver?

Its hard to believe that this face and these teeth.

Can do this to a crib.

But she has been. Its pretty remarkable actually. When we found splinters of wood on the floor next to her crib we decided we needed to take action. The new rule in our house is that if Ally chews on her crib the crib will get taken away. Its been a week or so now and so far that has worked - no more beaver-like behavior.
The cutest thing lately has been that when we talk with Ally about our plans, for the day or for tomorrow or the weekend - but something in the future she asks "this day" instead of saying "today?". Sometimes she asks "next day?" but mostly its "this day" to figure out if its today or tomorrow or what day. It makes me smile every time.

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Mama Bear said...

oh my goodness. wow, i've never had children do that but I've hear of others that did. So glad she didn't get any splinters in her mouth. OUCH!