Saturday, February 22, 2014

2nd Tooth Falls Out!

Ally’s remaining lower front tooth had been hanging on by a thread. It was really gross. We skyped with Grandma Barbie and Aunt Martha in Florida to show them how loose it was.

At school the kids all tried to get her to pull it out. But she resisted and said “its not ready yet” well on Saturday morning February 8 it fell out all on its own!


There it is the night before. Then, in the baggie we put it in that morning.


Before bed Ally wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy.  (Dear Tooth fairy I lost my tooth it fell out today. Can you bring me something. Love Ally)


In the morning there was a note and a gold $1.00 coin from the fairy.

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Dr. Gerald Regni said...

Its nice that Ally found all this to be a fun activity. Some kids are troubled with their loose teeth, making the experience a painful one. The permanent teeth she has will outgrow the temporary ones in time, resulting a stronger and whiter pair of chompers. Don't forget to frequent the dentist with her so she gets accustomed to the procedures. Thanks for sharing! :)

Gerald Regni