Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RIP Spotted 2

The Last night we realized Ally's fish Spotted had died. Telling her was the worst. But we did it and after lots of tears, looking at his dead body and tons of hugs and cuddles she got to sleep much later than usual. 
Spotted2 had been with us since December 2012. Spotted1 is buried in our front yard, underneath the Bryce's rock (the memorial to our cat Bryce). Spotted2 will be buried there as well. 
We told Ally we would get her a Spotted3 if she wanted. We will see what happens. 
It was a very sad night.

But on a happier note this past weekend we purchased a new hamster habitat from a Facebook yard sale group and Penguin the hamster loves it. Ally calls it Penguin Paradise.

One of my best Cloey pictures yet. Even with the cone on she gets sticks!

My happy girl! On Monday she went on a field trip with her class on a walking tour of the Freedom Trail. They walked to the T, and walked around Boston and on the 90 minute tour. She did it all! She was so tired after school, but clearly in good spirits. 


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