Friday, August 11, 2017

Fun with Friends

This summer we have friend to get together with friends more than usual. With Ally's gymnastics camp it would be easy to never see local friends, so we've been working on seeing school friends more often.

Guatemalan Family BBQ, the annual event that Gabi's family hosts. This year from our usual group it was just Gabi, Ally and Rosa:

They played badminton with a friend of Ally's from school for a long time.

An afternoon with an old friend of mine:

They gave Ally the boxed set of The Hunger Games. Ally started reading on the way home.

Chris and I 

Chris and I and our kids! His son Aiden is almost 2. Chris and his husband Joel were gracious hosts and we had a really nice lunch with them. 

Ally getting older:

That is Ally with her kindergarten teacher Jim and her friend (and fellow kindergarten student) Collette. Jim posted the picture below on Facebook and asked for some help at a local sing a long he was performing at. I emailed him and said Ally could do it. Her friend Colette came along too. 

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