Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Bahamas!

Ally and I went to the Bahamas Dec 19-23 for Ally to compete in a gymnastics meet! We had a great time.

Ally worked thru her pain and competed all 4 events. Vault hurt to do but she did it anyway. I was extremely proud of her. It was not her best scoring meet, and no one on her team (at her level) placed in the all around, but Ally came in 3rd place in bars so she was happy to come home with the medal. 

We stayed at Atlantis which has a water park. 5 other teammates from her her team of 8 girls came, most with both parents and their siblings. Becky stayed home this trip. 

Saying goodbye to Daisy.

Ally and I making our way to the gate in Boston.

We traveled with Ally’s teammate Stella (in denim jacket) and her sister Siri.

We arrived to pouring rain in the Bahamas. Ally, Stella, Siri, Mia and Mari.

Our room had a great view. 

That first night there was an opening ceremony at the meet site. 

Crazy Mari, Ally and Stella.

It was a late night but we had to pose for a picture.

Of course I was up early. But so were the girls. Who met up with Autumn and were at the pool at 9am when it opened.

Ally plus 5 teammates and their brothers and sisters rode the lazy river a couple of times.

Very cold gymnasts after the lazy river: Mia, Autumn, Stella, Dahlia, Ally and Mari.

Hanging out before dinner.

Walking home after dinner and collapsing in the big chair in the outdoor lobby of our hotel.

Ally placed 3rd on bars. She was in a lot of pain and has not been practicing much due to that but she competed all 4 events.

These girls had a lot of fun together; Autumn, Stella, Ally, Mari, Mia & Dahlia.

Meet was over and it was time for some beach fun

The water was a little cold.

Ally’s favorite way to spend time on the beach.

They humored me with a gymnastics group pose. This was an out take. 

Check out the brothers photo bombing in the ocean!

Ally and I went back to meet to watch some of the upper levels and the boys compete.

All that sass.

Next time we hope Becky will join us.

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