Sunday, August 1, 2021

July 11-24, 2021

2 weeks in one post. I’m a bit behind. It’s Summer. We went away for a few days this past week and I was busy wrapping up some work things, planning and packing and working hard on some Ally health issues. 

Here are the pictures:

The morning after her sleepover we had our Guatemala Girls group get together at the pool. Ally was not happy to pose.

But did so willingly with her friends.

PS5 COD is a favorite past time this Summer 

Always holding Daisy. 

A shot of Ally before getting her top braces off!

So happy!

Then we went bike shopping. Ally is too tall for her old bike and even though she doesn’t ride much, having a bike is important.

Ally counting her cash earnings from cat sitting for our neighbors.

A rare outside on our deck selfie

A first!!! Our neighbors asked Ally to babysit. Maren is about 20 months old and his parents asked Ally to come over after they put him to sleep and stay with him while he slept and they went out with friends. Ally was pretty psyched. 

So cute. Such an easy way for her to make some cash. They paid her $50 for 3 hours.

Daisy was confused because Ally left out our back door and did not come back right away.

Ally and I finished a puzzle 

And in really big news Ally got her ear pierced. Well her upper ear cartilage. She’s been asking for well over a year and we said as long as she used her own money it was fine. 

Then it was directly to the orthodontist after the piecing to get the rest of her braces off. 

She’s thrilled!

Looking back I guess we did a lot over the two weeks. Ally also had her friends Penelope and Juli over one Saturday afternoon. The girls played board games, watched Tv and hung out. I didn’t take any pictures but it was something else that happened. 

So medical stuff. There have been some developments and we are working on things. Finding specialists to meet and consult with and talking with Ally’s current team to proceed in a way that is helpful and productive.

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