Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Football Game

I forgot to post this on September 7, 2008, and since Ally and I are home and Becky is at the Patriots game today, I thought now was a good time to finally post. It was opening day for regular season football. Becky and I LOVE to watch NFL football on TV. Last year we had Ally's naps timed so she would nap during the game, and truth be told we were a little unsure how things would be this fall. But on opening day, the first game of the season (yes when Brady was injured and now who knows how the Pats will fare) Ally napped for the first half and then we kept the TV on so we could watch the game.

Very intrigued
Ally is so engrossed in the game that she won't even look at her mama for a hug - she just can't tear her eyes away from the football game. Ahhh a girl after my own heart.

Ally is so enthralled she is ignoring her favorite cat. I thought it was so cute to see him trying to get her to pay attention to him.

See even with Brady out for the season the Patriots are still going to be #1.

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Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

She is so cute and looks so interested! I love how the kitty is even trying to get her attention, that is Carl isn't it?!? Also LOVE her outfit too cute ; )

PS you can use the ergo up to 40 pounds and maybe even 50!