Friday, October 1, 2010

Sewing projects

By now I think its obvious that Becky likes to do crafty things. A few weeks ago she decided she wanted to try and make some dresses for Ally. She picked out some fabric at "craft night" with some fellow moms and we went together to choose some others and get a new pattern. Turns out the new pattern was not "Sew EZ". Fortunately when Aunt Beth was here she helped out.
Aunt Beth hard at work on the zipper.

Becky holding up the finished master piece! She sewed everything but the zipper. She was so proud! Thanks for the help Beth!

Ally enjoyed twirling in her new dress.

Becky wanted a fun Halloween-type dress for Ally and chose this neat owl fabric and coordinating stripe. Ally loved the green ribbon.

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Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Fantastic! Both dresses turned out so cute - can't wait to see them on. I learned zipper technique in a class I took, but there are also some great tutorials online. (And that dot fabric on Ally's first dress is the same I picked up to make some bean bag chairs for the kids. Crazy.)