Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day after Thanksgiving Part 2 - Bamboo Forest

In addition to tree climbing in Grandma and Poppy's backyard Ally constructed a fairy house and ventured into the Bamboo Forest.

That is the fairy house. I did not see any fairies though.

Racing up the hill with mommy.

building a giant fairy house outside with old bamboo pieces

the 3 master builders; mama, Ally & Aunt Beth

contemplating the forest

at the edge

" can I go in?" Ally asked

far deep into the forest

loving it and the instrument she made by banging two small pieces of dried out bamboo together

very tall bamboo

Rolling down the hill.

It was a "super fun" time. But then the negative part of the outdoors - ticks! Yes - ticks! We found 4 on Ally over the next several hours we were inside. We changed her clothes and combed her hair very carefully and one still crept over her face during dinner! YUCK. Becky disposed of it quickly and I remained quite calm and Ally was not actually afraid or freaked out. But then we decided she should have a bath so we could wash her hair and dry it and be completely sure she was tick free for sleeping and the trip home. She was not happy about a bath, but with some marshmallows and a second viewing of Rudolph offered she agreed.

It was really a very special time playing outside. It reminded me very much of my childhood, I grew up in a house with a large acre yard and several acres of woods and creek behind the house. Becky's childhood home was even more secluded than where her parents live now. So both of us had a very different environment than what Ally has. It was nice to share the outdoors with Ally and remember firsthand the non-urban way of life. I'm happy walking all over and going to parks and no school bus and such, but there are pros and cons of each way. I guess what I mean is its quite gratifying to be able to expose Ally to so many things. I feel fortunate to be able to do that.

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