Friday, December 9, 2011

Spontaneous Santa

It was 2 days after Thanksgiving and we were driving past our local supermarket and Ally says "I see Santa selling things" from her car seat. Becky and I give each other puzzled looks, ask a few more questions and agree to drive around the block so we can circle back and check it out. The girl has keen eye site and she was right: Santa was selling Christmas trees and giving out candy canes (Ally's favorite Christmas candy) to all the kids who walked by.

As excited as she was to get a candy cane and see Santa Ally did get pretty nervous when we asked her to pose with him. She refused and asked me to pick her up. So I did and it turned into the 2 of us with Santa picture!

And in typical Ally fashion she feels this was sufficient for a visit to Santa - she has said there is no need to go to the mall or anything else. "Remember mommy, I saw him at _____" Sigh - I want our traditional Santa Portrait. Maybe a candy cane bribe will work?

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