Sunday, July 7, 2019

CA Road Trip Day 2 Part 3: Fort Bragg

Our hotel, The Beachcomber was nice. Not as nice as day 1 but we had a view of the ocean and a large room.

We took a break for a bit and then headed out to the famous Glass Beach. I should say that Ally said she was too tired to go. We were all tired. But we agreed that if we wanted to watch the US Women in the World Cup soccer in the morning we needed to go tonight. So we did.

We got a little separated and Ally and I are down on the beach and Becky up on the bluff.

So she climbed down to join us.

There is so much beach glass. It was pretty.

But while taking this picture Becky and my shoes got soaked. 

We decided to get a take home pizza for dinner and eat in our room. We had a gorgeous view.

We watched the sunset

It was cold on our balcony.

We waited.

And waited

And finally 

The best Sky was about 20 minutes after sunset

Later that night we even saw fireworks from our balcony. The town had their 4th of July celebration on July 6 and we had a great view. 
It was a struggle to get to sleep after the long day. But listening to the sound of the waves helped me a lot.

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