Sunday, July 7, 2019

CA Road Trip Day 3 Part 2 Redwoods Cont’d

After the spider web incident we kept walking.

The ferns along the ground were lovely.

The inside of one of the trees after it fell:

While we were taking pictures of each other. Becky took this of us. I love it!

The root systems are small and shallow. And Huge!

We drove to our final stop to see some more. Here we also heard the trees creaking. It was so loud we thought it was a chainsaw at first.

Finally time to head to our destination for the night, Eureka, California!

Ally that posing made Ally sleepy and she napped on the 1 hour drive to the hotel.

We had dinner at a local brew pub and then stopped for  a coloring book and pencils for Ally. She felt a break from electronics would be good for her.

Becky ordered 40 ounces of beer in a tasting flight.

I had a root beer float.

Becky drank about 30 ounces:

Tomorrow we are driving to Redding California to pick up I-5 and drive back to San Francisco on Tuesday. But on the way to Redding we are taking a white water rafting trip! I’m a little nervous. 

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