Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Reading to Nali

This week we caught Ally reading to Nali. Yes, the huge cat who weighs almost more than she does. BTW at the doctor they weighed Ally last week and she is up to 21 pounds 10 oz. The cat weighed about 19 pounds at his last vet visit!

I just couldn't believe she was reading to the cat, well it was hard to believe he came and sat right next to her and so then she moved over and opened the pages and read the book to him. Lately she has started kissing the cats and when she touches them she says "pet" and even "gentle". I think our 3 cats are just wonderful with Ally and she loves them so much.
We were praising her for being so good to Nali and sharing with him.

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Mama Bear said...

awwww, that is way tooooo precious and bet the cat just purred away with pleasure.