Monday, October 12, 2009

Scary Pants

Ally has started calling things Halloween related "Scary" We saw a life-size mummy creature at Target and it is "the big scary person" She understands that "scary stuff" is for Halloween, and if you ask her what she's going to be for Halloween she says a panda. But she seems pretty fascinated with scary things. So at Target I saw these adorable Halloween themed pant and could not resist. She calls them her "scary pants". She wore them to preschool last week and went running in to tell her teacher "Tracy...look I have scary pants" Ally's babysitter said Ally was so excited to show them off. So in typical parent fashion I of course had to record this so I asked Becky to get a few pictures of Ally wearing her scary pants.

not for much longer

because I have had enough pictures

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Mama Bear said...

tooo funny. I think that Halloween is and can be really scary for so many little ones. I know it scares me sometimes too!! LOL Love the "scary" pants.