Friday, September 30, 2011

The Series - Ally's Masterpieces

Here it is - Ally's series of pictures. Every day for a week she came home with one.

This is Ally at our house with a tree that has a regular swing and a tire swing.

Not enough time to add the swing this day.

This has Kitty and Baby's swings in it as well - but not our house or Ally's lower body!

Full body but no house

This is almost my favorite one of all - it is the last one in the series. Every day I ask her to tell me about the picture and she said on this day "I ran out of time"

Turns out that this new school thing is tougher than we thought on lots of fronts for our family. But one thing is for sure - Ally has a good time while she is there and continues to be creative!

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