Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ballet Recital 2017

Ballet Recital weekends are always a bit hectic - this weekend like last year it was the same day as her year end gymnastics show. Since the times were the same - ballet own this year and Ally did not participate in the gymnastics show.

It was also graduation weekend and the morning before Ally's recital we went to Gwei's graduation party.

we left the party early to go home and get Ally ready. AS we went to leave I noticed her costume was ripping in the back. Aunt Beth to the rescue! She sewed it right up while Ally waited - Ally was NOT pleased at me taking pictures.

Ally also wasn't feeling well all weekend - she was fighting a cold. Her performance was amazing - the theme was Circus and each class was a circus act - her group were acrobats.

At intermission she came out to join us.

you can see she was in a much better mood by then! We decided to leave at intermission, since Ally wasn't feeling great still and Beth and Becky had to host the Youth Group BBQ soon.

enjoying some gatorade and watching TV with Aunt Beth after the recital.

and then later that day while Beth and Becky were out, Ally lost another tooth.
She actually lost one last week as well - that is 4 teeth out since April 19!!! CRAZY

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