Sunday, June 24, 2018

Pool Parties!

Good Bye 5th grade - hello middle school! And 5th grade certainly went out with a bang! And lots of socializing with friends.

The schedule was such that the last week of school Ally had 2 half days. I had planned to only work while Ally was at school these days - I can work more hours during the Summer while Becky is home so working a few half days is fine.  And in a gesture of good will I offered to host a bunch of Ally's friends for a pool party and our house for both days.

Day 1 Pool Party: Rory, Millie, Sonya, Ellie, Nina, Daniela, Lauren, Maya, Else, Sabine, Julie, Cata, Willow & Ally. All pictured above. A whole group of 5th grade girls and their sisters. 2 other moms were with me - it wasn't just me and 14 girls!


The usual pool routine is swimming, then out to the roof deck to eat some snack and sunbathe.
Daniela, Maya, Ally & Lauren in the picture on the left above. Cata, Willow & Juli on  the right.

The whole group outside on the deck!

Ally and her closest friends like to hang out in the sun and chat. That is Ally, Juli, Willow and Cata.

After some time at the pool we headed back to our house. The girls did some crafts in Ally's room and after a while we walked to the park. I just can't believe how grown up Ally and her friends look. 

 Ally and Ellie have a basketball rivalry. Ellie is about 6" taller than Ally but Ally has great coordination and she wins almost every time. Its basically a shooting contest. This day Ally won 10-1. I found out no one else really wants to play but Ellie because Ally always wins! Ally is pretty humble about it all. I heard this from another parent and 2 of Ally's friends.
Ally is hoping her schedule will give her time to play intramural basketball with school friends in the Fall.

Then the 2nd pool party - was on the very last day of school. Becky joined me and a couple of other parents - but we had 11 girls with us!

Julie & Willow

Olive & Maya

Lizzie & Cata on the left and Daniela and her mom Alissa on the right.

I call the picture above "Portrait of a 6th grader"

Ally got her class assignment for next year - she is in a different class than Willow. But she does have Cata, Maya, Olive, Daniela & Juli.

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