Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gymnastics Banquet

Another year of gymnastics has ended. Ally kept saying the year has gone so fast. Level 4 complete - now on to Level 5 next year.

We had a meeting with her new coach (same gym, just new coach) about the schedule for next year. Ally is going to miss 2 hours of the 16 hours of practice a week so she can do pointe for ballet. Her old coach was really supportive of ballet and thought it was a great idea. The new coach - not so much. But after meeting with her and explaining why Ally wants to do this, and why we as parents are supportive of it and talking with the coach about her concerns and thinking we are all on the same page. Ally is going to 6 weeks of gymnastics camp this summer - which will give her a good chance to get ahead on skills and if necessary we will schedule some private lessons for Ally over the summer and in the Fall to make up for the practice time she is going to miss.

Ally's new coach is very dedicated and is glad Ally is doing ballet - she talked about how hard Ally works, and that she never complains - that Ally is so elegant and flexible and that she sets a good example for the other girls. Her coach is from Columbia and speaks very good English, but some of the other coaches from Columbia don't speak  that much English - and we made the coaches all know Ally is fluent in Spanish. Apparently sometimes they ask Ally how to say things. Ally thinks its pretty fun and neat to have that connection and special talent!

At the end of the season there is always a banquet for all of the team girls.

All dressed up and ready to go.

Then some fun pictures of the banquet with her team mates.

Then on Saturday morning on the way to her last day of Level 4 practice:

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