Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Preparations

Aunt Beth came to spend Easter weekend with us. She had a sprained ankle so was not very mobile but as usual we all had a great time.

From the moment Ally woke up the day before Easter she kept asking about coloring eggs. I had told her we would color them went Aunt Beth came. Beth arrived late after Ally was asleep so when Ally woke up she kept asking. We still needed to hard boil the eggs so to pass the time Ally and Beth stuffed the plastic eggs for our Easter Egg hunt.

Finally time to color eggs. Ally was so cute and ran to get her apron before she would start.

finally coloring eggs.

After egg dying it was time to decorate the cupcakes for our Easter / Spring potluck / party. We had a whole assembly line with tasks assigned to each of us. We made easter basket cupcakes. I frosted the base layer, Beth piped the basket, Becky sprinkled green coconut for grass and Ally placed the eggs in the basket.

We thought they came out great! Becky and Ally made the cookies earlier in the week.

After all the Easter prep it was time for some good old fashioned fun. Can you guess why Ally is so happy?

Because she is riding mama like a horse! She kept saying "giddy up mama"

but they eventually went "giddy down"

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