Sunday, January 2, 2022

Christmas 2021

In true 2021 fashion Christmas was disrupted by illness. Santa brought lots of gifts but unfortunately Ally got a UTI on a Christmas Day. 
We managed to have some fun and a marathon Christmas morning but after gifts Ally was toast and feeling really crummy until New Years Eve day after her antibiotics had kicked in.

Christmas Eve cookie decorating. We’ve been doing this for the past few years and it’s a lot of fun.

The finished cookies!

We watched Christmas Eve church service live.

I even bought candles so we could recreate candlelit service in our living room.

This year Ally and Cloey and Daisy got matching Elf pajamas!

To watch Elf in.

Daisy is not a fan and manages to get out of here.

Then it was Christmas morning! Even the pets get a stocking. 

Ally finally woke up around 830. We put Daisy back in her pajamas.

Cloey was hoping for some breakfast treats.

Becky took the breakfast casserole out of the oven. 

Finally after breakfast we started on stockings.

Eventually it was gift time. We got a crazy flying thing. 

Happy girl.

Happy dog all curled into Poppy who swears that position he is sitting in is comfortable.

Santa brought Ally new Airpods for Christmas.
She lost hers a few weeks ago and is very happy to have new ones.

You know it’s COVID times when Grandma gets a new mask for Christmas.

Beth made these gorgeous sweaters for Debbie and Dave.

Becky got a sautering tool. She has been tinkering in her new basement Becky-den.

I got some new clothes.

Beth got an air fryer.

That post gift opening lull.

We decided to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Ally was so content to just sit and cuddle. She fell asleep on the couch soon after this and continued to feel worse and worse over the next 24 hours.

On the 26th Becky took Dave and Debbie to see Ally’s school, and then over to Beth’s house for lunch and some board games. Later on in the day Debbie enjoyed a nice rest with Cloey. 

Beth and Debbie finished up a 1000 piece puzzle. Ally finally admitted her symptoms to me and I called the on call service who agreed it was likely a UTI. 

Monday morning Dave & Debbie left.

And Ally went to the doctor. Daisy was not happy to have her picture taken. The doctor waited until Tuesday to prescribe antibiotics because she wanted to get the lab results. Ally continued to rest and drink as much fluids as she could. 

It was really a lovely Christmas. I just wish Ally had not been sick. 

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