Sunday, January 30, 2022

January 22-30, 2022

It’s still weird to write 2022 how is it that year already? Ally is turning 16 this year how crazy is that?

It was back to school in person for Ally and we are trying to fight the January blues and get into a winter groove. It’s a battle. 

And Ally was really tired all week. She only made it to basketball practice 1 day. She was too tired to go. 

We did a family fun time trip to Petco. New toys and a sweatshirt for Cloey, greenies for both cat and dog and a new bed for them to share. 

Cloey looks adorable in her new hoodie.

Down time. Cloey has totally learned that Ally relaxes on the couch on the 3rd floor and goes up there a lot now to lay on her lap.

First day back at school!!! 

Ally has been on a Rice Krispies kick lately. She eats 3-4 bowls a day. Rice Krispies are really hard to find due to a strike at the Kellogg factory where they are made. I like to support union workers when I can. But when your picky eater wants the Krispies you buy them. I bought 10 boxes at the 1 store that had some.

We did a quick puzzle one afternoon while waiting for a Telehealth appointment after school.

Ally finally tried out her Beachwaver curling iron. She uses it all the time now.

Breakfast in bed.

PS5 with mama.

While Daisy relaxes in the “dog” bed.

Hot cocoa during the Saturday blizzard.

So much snow.

So happy not to go outside in the snow. 

Sunday Ally did her homework in her room. 

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